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Railway station story

by khurram381

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Our town has a railway station, all trains except the mail ones stop here. The railway is one of the most wonderful inventions of modern times, and besides improving trade and in intercourse between the different countries of the world, it has added immensely to the amenities of life. It has facilitated travel and annihilated distance, as it were. The railway station is a very interesting place and at the time of arrival of the train, it presents a fine spectacle.

Anxious crowds on the platform wait for the arrival of the train. Some have heavy bundles in their hands, some have pressed them under their arms. Others again carry them on their backs. Some idle young Baboos have engaged coolies to carry their handbags and are seen loitering about with an air of utter indifference at the world, around them. Women gets anxious to get in somehow, are clinging to their male companions. Let’s they should lose them in the rush. The children feel happy while travelling on the train, now trains are so modernized that they are now linked to the city as well.

People can easily visit Dubai and go for Desert Safari in Dubai on metros by just buying a pass for the whole day if they have come to see this city. Some in their anxiety to get into the train first, have got to the brink of the platform, from which dangerous place they are warned back by the station authorities. The train has come and halted, the doors of the carriages are opened. There is a rush out and a rush in, it is like the meeting of two streams coming from opposite directions. There is clashing and colliding, some are thrown away, some fall down in their attempt. The sight is very pitiable but extremely interesting, some stand in the doors to prevent all ingress as if they have monopolized the compartment. The effrontery of these men and their selfishness pass all description. Women and children, the peasants and illiterate people find it hard to get a seat and run from one carriage to another. They receive no help, no sympathy from those whose duty it is to look after their comfort.

When you have courage to go to adventurous places like Dhow Cruise Dubai, islands of Dubai or related areas then you don’t see your comfort level. You just want to enjoy your trip at most with family or friends. The sahib logs and the educated people get seats very easily, the first and second class passengers form a special and privileged class and the third class of course, are thirdclass but the intermediate, the Deohra Darja form a class by themselves, which is very pathetic indeed. They hand as it were between heaven and earth and are fit for neither. The Chabriwalas and waterman add their own share to the noise which fills the place from end to end and makes it alive. It is now time for train to start, a wave of flag, a whistle and off it goes carrying all and sundry, the Brahmin and the sweeper, the rich and the poor, the educated Babu and the illiterate peasant. But these all factors are caused in India only because they have not maintained any system.

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