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Lose Weight Fast On The HCG Diet

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If you are looking for a quick and effective way to lose weight, you might want to look into the HCG diet. This is a popular diet that has been successful for millions of people looking to shed the pounds. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It's a hormone found in pregnancy that triggers a release of fat storage. When taken in small doses accompanied with a low calorie diet, people typically lose up to 20 pounds in only a month. "Even though low calorie" may scare some people, there are plenty of HCG diet recipes that will help you feel satisfied on a low calorie diet.


Many people are excited about the results they see so the word is spreading about HCG. Some people have even reported other health benefits such as lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure.


One of the great things about HCG is that it resets the hypothalamus in the brain. This is what controls our metabolism and weight. A change in your metabolism means you will have a better chance of keeping the weight off for a long period of time. Many other diets have worked, but when the diet is stopped, the weight usually returns. This is not typical with the HCG diet.


Although HCG is naturally found in pregnant women, it is safe for men to take as well. It has the same effect for men as it does for women. In fact, most men and women report losing up to 1 pound per day on HCG.


There are a couple different ways to take HCG. The first is through homeopathic drops. Another way HCG can be taken is through HCG injections. Sometimes these are administered by a doctor but other times, you can order the injections and give them to yourself.


Once you start the HCG diet, it is important to carefully follow the instructions given. Don't take more of the HCG than recommended. It is also extremely important to follow a 500 calorie diet. Most people are afraid when they hear they can only eat 500 calories but because the HCG will be signaling the body to release stored fat, your cells will be getting the nourishment they need and you will not be hungry. The food you will be eating is balanced and you will be allowed to eat foods such as meats, vegetables, some starch, dairy and fruit. You can even follow some HCG diet recipes to add variation to your meals.



The HCG diet begins with a gorging phase. This helps the body load up on calories to use as you transition to the lower calorie phase. If you stick to the HCG diet and follow the plan carefully, you will see results. You may even receive other health benefits from it as well.


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