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Early elementary education

by tanakaleino

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The most important time to mould a child is early childhood. All the learning done around this time has a lasting effect on the child and forms his foundation. Schools have an important role to play here. They initiate the proper development of children and help them develop into better individuals. International schools have emerged as a popular choice amongst parents when it comes to early elementary education programs. They implement a well strategized curriculum to give individual attention and train students to meet the requirements of the future. The main aim of these programs is to analyze and improvise the situations they may encounter in future.

Below discussed are a few initiatives that international schools take to implement an effective early elementary education program –

Individual Attention –

Every child has a different style of learning; this need should be catered to during early life education. Hence, international schools ensure personalised attention is an important part of early elementary education. To ensure this format is not compromised with, schools prepare a flexible timetable to make sure extra time can be devoted to solve the doubts of the students. Every classroom has two teachers to attend to a class of not more than 20-25 students. With a low student teacher ratio it is easier to keep track of the progress of each child.

Assignments –

It is important to train students to work in groups as well as handle independent assignments. This is why early elementary education puts a lot of emphasis on training students to independently handle assignments. Students are given different assignments each day. These could include games, puzzles, mathematical quizzes and other problem solving activities. They are assigned as group activity or individual activities.

Extracurricular activities –

All work and no play will make Jack a dull child. Sticking true to this proverb, extracurricular activities are given a special place in early childhood education programs. Children need to start developing a talent and understanding their likings at an early age. This can be done with the help of extracurricular activities which also helps in the all round development of the children.

Parent involvement –

International schools ensure that parents play an equal role in the development of the child. Hence, they are time and again updated of the performance of their child. Schools have regular PTA meetings to help them understand that initiatives taken by the school in the development process of the child.

These are a few initiatives that international schools take to develop an effective early elementary education program for the all round development of your child.

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