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Tips for Creating Innovative Portfolio Websites for Designer

by pixpadesign

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Creating an impact makes a good impression when building portfolio websites for designers. Visual heavy websites need to be fun, interactive, and of course visually appealing. Here are some tips on how to make your portfolio website for visual designers interactive, innovative, and fun:

•Plan your website design ahead. Prior to working on the layout and design of the website, you need to thoroughly plan how your portfolio website will look and feel. This will help you choose the ideal elements and features that will make your website interesting and dynamic.

•Choose a niche. There are of course various specializations and niches on design. Will your design portfolio be about digital media? Is it about fashion? Graphic Design? Interior design? All these types of design specialization address to a different niche. Choosing a niche will not only help you create a more cohesive design and content plan for your portfolio website, it will also make it easier for you to build an audience base who are truly interested in the information that you want to share on your site.

•Highlight your best works by utilizing some of the most innovative features available for portfolio websites. Build a page that creates impact by including a featured photo slider. This will help you showcase selected photos that will highlight your best works. Photo sliders can be easily embedded on your home page or landing pages making it convenient for your visitors to view your files.

•Plan how your audience will navigate your portfolio website. One aspect that will keep your visitors from coming back to your website is on how you build your site that equates to a good navigation experience. When your visitors enjoy the items that you feature on your site, they will surely come back for more. Another important feature that is related to this aspect is the content. Update your portfolio website by regularly uploading fresh and relevant content. Whether it’s a new feature, a new slideshow, new photos or media files, new content or articles, or simply your announcements on the latest events, regularly updating your website will most certainly attract more traffic ensuring visitors to your website each time.

•Integrate your portfolio website to various social media networks. The best way to connect with your friends, fans, followers, and acquaintances is by integrating your website to several social media networks. This will enable you to instantly share your photos, updates, and announcements seamlessly. Your viewers will be able to view and comment on your posts in real time. Integrating your portfolio website to social media networks will also ensure an increase in traffic.

•Make your website fun, interesting, and dynamic by maximizing the use of your website pages widget ready sections. You may choose to add selected advertisements which you can conveniently manage via your website platform’s built ad management options or you may add flash enabled media boxes to make your announcements more fun and interesting.

•And to ensure that your site gets unique traffic, use SEO tools to optimize your pages.

Pixpa lets you to create portfolio website for designers, photographers and designers in order to let them showcase, share and sell their work online.

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