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Different Kinds of Cars in Edmonton for Different Drivers

by juniorperrera

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Choosing a suitable car from a dealership’s inventory can be a much easier task than you might initially think, even if it’s your first time doing so. There are many types of cars in Edmonton dealerships, and some of them are more suited to certain types of drivers and their passengers than others. Listed below are some of the people who visit the dealership and some of the most fitting types of cars for them.


The most common customer in the dealership is the parent—the one looking for a decent car that can carry a family comfortably. Sedans and hatchbacks are the most efficient cars for this purpose because they can accommodate the average family as well as a reasonable amount of luggage in the trunk. However, families with more members should go for a minivan, a full-size passenger van, or a sport utility vehicle. Sedans and hatchbacks are also quite versatile, as people can drive them in almost any environment except off-road. However, families and individuals who are especially adventurous and enjoy taking long travels out of town on summers and winters will also enjoy having a mini multi-purpose van (MPV). This small van is expansive enough to carry a small family with a good portion of the interior reserved for their luggage and all their needs.

Single Individuals and Childless Couples

On the other hand, a different type of car for sale in Edmonton is more suitable for single individuals or childless couples who travel to work every day. Again, sedans and hatchbacks are suitable for such individuals; however, some people may also enjoy smaller sedans or hatchbacks called compact or subcompact cars. Compact and subcompact cars have a capsule-like shape and relatively tight interiors. However, they can still fit five people inside them. Many car dealerships also showcase the cutaway chassis of trucks—evidently meant to become working vehicles like food trucks and recreational vehicles like motor homes. These can also be used by some individuals to create artistic and unique vehicles that can turn heads on the road. Such trucks can be transformed into eye-catching food trucks. However, many young people, especially those who are single and loving it, enjoy having a sporty coupé or convertible. These have just enough room for the driver and at least one companion. Some examples have room for only four passengers. For more information, see

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