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Tourism Information – Gibraltar!

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Gibraltar is a popular port for cruise ships and attracts day visitors from resorts in Spain. The Rock is a popular tourist attraction, particularly among British tourists and residents in the southern coast of Spain.

It is also a popular shopping destination, and all goods and services are VAT free. Many of the large British high street chains have branches or franchises in Gibraltar including Marks & Spencer and Mothercare. Branches and franchises of international retailers such as Tommy Hilfiger and Sunglass Hut are also present in Gibraltar, as is the Spanish clothing company Mango.

Tourists from all over the world are attracted to Gibraltar for its unique geographical location, the enormous Rock of Gibraltar, which can be seen from miles and miles as well as the duty free shopping; Gibraltar casinos are a bonus on top of the bargains that you find all over this unique country. This is an island, which is preferred as even a wedding destination and of course, for honeymoon too.

To name a few hotels, The Rock Hotels is one that is located primarily on the Rock of Gibraltar. It is situated in the center of the town and near the shopping area. The hotel is quite affordable. Since it is located near the airport, it is easily approachable.

Things To See

Water sports

You can go jet skiing and para gliding to enjoy the beautiful waters down in the Catalan or Sandy bays and other beaches. Be one with the underground flora and fauna by diving into the waters, too, if you love exploring under the sea. This will definitely give you a thrill as you dive deep down into the waters of Gibraltar.

Migrating birds

On certain seasons, migratory birds flock the Rock of Gibraltar to escape the wintry months of their homes. Thousands of different birds come here, and the sight is truly amazing. It is one of those experiences that have you in awe at the wonders of nature.

Gibraltar Beaches

Gibraltar has six beaches and can generally be divided in Eastern and Western beaches. Those on the Eastern side are generally sandy and those on the Western side are typically rocky. These include Catalan Bay, Camp Bay, Little Bay, Eastern Beach, Western Beach and Sandy Bay.


For dancing or drinks you can head to Little Rock Café, The Tunnel or All's Well. Little Rock Café offers incredible food and a nice outdoor eating area. The Tunnel offers a fully stocked 40' bar, and a decent menu. They do a good job of combining a club and pub. They have five large TVs for sporting events and a sound and light system that would blow you away. All's Well is a theme pub, you can be sure a good time will be had once the sun sets.

If you take a trip to Gibraltar and claim you didn't have fun, you can only blame yourself. There is so much to do and see, you couldn't possibly leave without having been entertained. If you enjoy keeping busy while on vacation, Gibraltar could drain you. You'll be completely happy you saw as much as you did, but you may need a vacation from your vacation upon returning home.

Gibraltar can actually be a good arrival point for your Spanish vacation. If you are planning to visit Gibraltar, Book Your Hotels in Gibraltar For more information please visit

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