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There are many types of brooms available to clean your house

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House cleaning is one of most essential, yet the toughest task for any women.  Generally, it takes more time in sweeping than mopping the floor. So as to effectively clean your house, with minimal efforts, it is important that you choose the best broom or mop. These days, many types of floor brooms are available in the market. These are made of different types of materials and come in different shapes.

The different types of brooms based on materials are as follows:

Corn broom: These are historic classic models, which are best to clean the large amount of dirt particles. These are used in cleaning indoors, outdoor walkways and in many other places. These are made with corn fibers, which include several pieces of grass. That is the reason; these are called as natural, environment friendly tool. These corn brooms are available in different sizes depending on your needs. These are designed with dense fibers for cleaning heavy wastage areas like bigger halls, factories and many other places. While for cleaning house, smaller options are available. These can work better on rough surfaces and remove all dirt particles.

Synthetic Bristol broom: These are densely packed and offer flexible options while cleaning the floor. These are made with synthetic bristles and can easily catch the tiny dirt particles on the floor. These are ideal brooms to clean the surfaces of kitchens, halls, living rooms and bathrooms.

Apart from these materials, brooms are made with wood, aluminum and plastic handles. Wooden handles are bit heavy; however they provide stability when cleaning the floors and walls. Where aluminum and plastic handles are lighter when compare to wooden handle and easier to break. There are many other types based on styles.

Flat: These are evenly trimmed to have flat bottoms. These are generally made with wooden handles. These flats styles are good for cleaning open floor areas.

Push: These are good choice for cleaning large outdoor areas like garages, work rooms and many other places. These are thicker and wider than other types of brooms.

Wisk: After cleaning the floor form the large ones, it is difficult to through the dust in dustbin. These wisk styles brooms are helpful in sweeping the dust in dustbin. These are smaller in size.

Angled: These are good to clean the corners of the house. They have the bristles which have cut on an angle.

All these floor brooms are good for both indoor and outdoor cleaning.  You may also require them in large areas to clean all the wastage.

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