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Diamond engagement rings –gift for some one you love

by seobromino

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The famous quote on diamond “Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend as sung by “Marilyn Monroe” and written by “Jule Styne” in 1953 made diamond popular fashion jewellery.

Paris is known as the city of fashion, where diamond gets rebirth as the fashion statement and gradually it becomes the necessity item of every household all over the world. With the passage of time the beauty and demand for diamond has never faded off. Still diamond is considered as a must buy for engagement ceremony. And the famous Quote by Mae West “I have always felt a gift diamond shines so much better than one you buy for yourself “has a true implication. So<a href="">  Diamond engagement rings </a> has become a tradition to gift, the fiancée gift each other the diamond engagement ring on the ring ceremony.

The most popular types of engagement rings cuts available in market in every parts of the country now a day include:

  • Oval cut –it has large number of facets typically over 30 which allows the light reflection and increases the shine. They are brilliant elliptical shape and look big from its face up position compared to all other cuts of same carat. As size matters ,A big oval cut <a href="">diamond  rings</a>  has the large coverage around the finger and it shines terrific
  • Radiant cut-these are rectangle or square cut, and due to multiple cuts, it shines radiantly superb.
  • Asscher cut-In the year 1999,Edward and Joop Ascher  has developed this asscher cut ,the signature cut of royal asscher  has worldwide patent protected and considered as one of the most beautiful diamond cut ever seen, It has around 74 facets 
  • Princess cut –it is also flat shaped basically rectangular or square geometrical shaped, The number of facets ranging from 24 to more then 48 appears in the bottom of the princess cut. On contrary to oval cut diamond princess cut look smaller from the face up position compared to other cuts of the same carat.
  • Cushion cut –This is square or rectangular brilliant cuts with flat edges or round shape and curved sides which give it a look like pillow; so the name cushion cut is given there is no regular guideline of gemologist certification regarding its pattern of cut .Some cushion cuts are cut to a greater depth which makes it look smaller from face up position.
  • Emerald cut-is an angular cut in the corners and rows of pavilion or crown facets that appears parallel to the girdle. They are overly deep and look much larger from the face up position.
  • Marquise cut-also known as “Navette cut”is a brilliant elliptical shape with pointed ends. This cut has typical feminine look and a popular fancy among women .This shape shows more colors and inclusions then other brilliant cuts. Inclusions are easily notified in the center or the belly area of the piece of Marquise cut diamond. And like oval shape it appears big in size from face up position.

Apart from the above popular cuts the other cuts available in the market are:

Round cut, Pear cut and heart shaped cut.




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