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Energy Saving Pumps

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According to an estimated report, there are more than 2 million heat pumps used for cooling or
heating around the world. However, the opinion still remains divided on their
renewable qualifications. However, the heat pumps as the name suggest help pump
heat and are often considered as the energy saving pumps.

In order to apply heat pumps as the major heating devices, low grade heat is collected from the
water bodies, atmosphere and also from the ground. Moreover, the use of
refrigerant circuit is common in heat generation. The heat is then upgraded by
one electrically driven system or compressor and can even be delivered at a
cooperative temperature for heating. Now for cooling, this procedure is simply
reversed and the low temperature heat is then collected from inside the
building, upgraded and released to the water, atmosphere and ground.

It is quite difficult to bring together the reliable figures for the total number of heat pumps
used for domestic heating in the recent past. However, key to guarantee the
competence of heat pump is its valuable installation in terms of the overall
efficiency and also related to carbon emissions. There are different varieties
of heat pumps available for usage. The heat pumps can well be categorized by the
function including drying, ventilation, domestic hot water, cooling, heating
and heat recovery etc by the heat source- air, water, and ground etc. For
buildings, hot water and heating applications, the major heat inputs include
water, air or ground.

In few areas of the world, especially in the North America, the heat is more likely delivered as
air through the ductwork, either cooler when this is needed and warmer in the
heating season. The reversible units are quite common in areas with both
cooling and heating requirements at different times around the year. In
contrast, the output is more likely to delivered using the water either through
the under floor system or through radiator.

Almost all of the heat pumps as used in the houses use the wider ambiance as their energy source.
Air is the most widely available energy source.  In the recent years,
there has been a growing interest in the geothermal heat pumps also known as
the ground source heat pumps. Typically speaking, these are closed loop system
and generally use the ground underneath or surrounding the building.

The water heat pumps are compact units and usually come fully integrated as the energy
saving pumps
to be used in functioning as the bivalent heating systems. They are especially well suited
for renovation and retrofit as they require less structural work. These systems
are simple in concept but are more complicated in design. Heat pumps offers
cooling in summer and heating in winter. Many homeowners who have the heat
pumps make use of these pumps to heat and cool their homes.

Last but not the least, systems which are appropriately sized are those using the
renewable electricity to offer the electrical power can certainly make a great
contribution to the higher efficiency.

Monk  Kostev is an engineer cum writer. His articles inspire people to use energy saving pumps or say, Heat pumpsto have an efficient heating
and cooling solution. For more details visit our website

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