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Smiling has been Scientifically Proven to Improve Our Mood

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How important is smiling to our everyday life? If you’re of the impression that it’s simply something that you do when you watch a hilarious YouTube video featuring some cute cats, or something that you strain out when a work colleague tells a not-so-hilarious joke, then you need to think again. Smiling has been scientifically proven to, among other things, improve our mood when we’re feeling depressed, contagiously lighten up a room and boost our immune system. With so many advantages to smiling, one may wonder why there are so many glum faces in the world?

Studies have shown that one of the main reasons why a lot of people refuse to bear a grin when they feel it may be appropriate, is because they have discoloured teeth. Though they may not realise to begin with, this is in fact brought on by either a poor diet or infrequent teeth brushing. What happens over time is the outer layer of the tooth, known as enamel, becomes tainted by sugary foods and fizzy drink and, when not regularly or properly cleaned, begins to turn a shade of yellow or brown.

Another potential culprit for tooth discolouration is smoking; because of the addiction that comes with it, smoking is often one of the main contributors to discoloured teeth. In a similar way to what happens when teeth can become discoloured by food and drink, a yellow, brown, dark brown or even black stain can begin to develop on the enamel of the teeth, mainly because smoking prevents the flow of saliva in the mouth and tar builds up. What this then triggers is the smoker to develop a smile that they’re unhappy with, or that they feel is socially unacceptable.

Often a lot of people will attempt to tackle the problem themselves and try their best to avoid sugary foods, sugary drinks, coffee, tea, wine and tobacco, unaware that even foods such as blueberries can have the same effect that a glass of red wine can. There is a solution, however, and though the option of tooth whitening is often discarded as something that’s practiced in Hollywood, it’s actually more popular than people realise. Treatment for teeth whitening is widely available both on the internet and in dental practices, and is recommended by a large proportion of dentists.

Tooth whitening is a simple and effective solution, and everyone wants to lead a happier life, so why not begin with a smile that you’re happy with?

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