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The Different Types of World Landforms

by adam89

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Different physical features found on surface of earth are known as landforms. These geographical features control climate, ecosystem and soul of life on earth surface. World landforms and movement of these are formed by nature such as water, wind, ice and also tectonic plates of earth. Some landforms get formed in years but others get formed within few years. These landforms are required to develop in a systematic manner under natural forces. Little deviation in movement can cause a very serious destruction in terms of life and property. Various types of landforms are discussed below.

List of Landforms


These are flat highlands which are separated from surroundings because of steep slopes. The molten rock deep inside the earth which causes rise in the crust of earth and the collisions of the tectonic plates can lead to formation of plateaus.


These are formed because of tectonic movements, eruption of volcanoes, earthquakes as well as erosion of surroundings and are higher compared to surrounding areas because of wind, ice or water. These mountains are there on land and oceans.


These are the flat areas that lie between mountains and hills and get formed by actions of various rivers and glaciers for millions of years. Valleys can be of two types based on their shapes - U-shaped valleys and V- shaped valleys. Flowing rivers form V- shaped valleys. U- Shaped valleys get formed because of glaciers.


This part of land is encircled by water completely. Volcanic eruptions or hot spots in lithosphere lead to formation of islands.


This portion of land has no or very little vegetation because of inadequate rainfall. It is a place away from direction of wind and wind is blocked by the mountains and this causes lack of rain.


This landform could be formed because of sedimentation of the soil which has been eroded from top of mountains and hills. This could also be because of flowing lava.


These are the streams of fresh water flowing naturally downwards from the mountains towards sea, lake, river or ocean. Sometimes the rivers flow to the ground or they may dry up totally before they reach some other water body.


This is biggest water body on the earth and its water is salty. More than 71% of surface of earth is covered by oceans. They are a major factor that control climate and the weather of earth. These took shape because of drifts of the continents.


These are the collection of salt having mixture of slight sand and clay. These may have resulted because of glacial activities or wind.

Volcanic Landforms

Volcanic Landforms are controlled by geological processes which form them. Volcanic landforms are identified by material that they are made of. This depends on earlier volcano’s earlier eruptive behavior.


These are massive bodies of ice that move very slowly and are formed because of compression of layers of snow. Their move depends on gravity. Two kinds of glaciers are alpine glaciers located at high mountains and continental glaciers situated at cold Polar Regions.

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