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Cloud Computing in India- Business and Employments

by cloudcomputing

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Cloud computing India has become a worldwide phenomenon for computing systems. It has acquired the face of a trend-setter in the IT world. While the general definition emphasizes that it is the delivery of computing resources as a service over the internet, a layman understands it as a virtual set-up that can manage his data and files without paying for a physical server. It allows consumers to access the applications without doing any kind of installation at their end. A brief example to highlight the current topic can be of a general e-mail service of Yahoo or Gmail which you normally use. Here you are not asked to install any software or own a server. You just connect to these sites through any device like mobile or PC via the internet and what you’ll be doing next is an example of cloud computing India service.


How it affects the business part?

India has the biggest IT ecosystem which houses a large number of elite companies and clients. They are ready to invest in ventures like this, which looks promising and predicts a profitable tomorrow.

Doing business with the help of cloud computing in India makes work very easy and simple. Without thinking of any large expenditure, you can just have your website created and managed efficiently.

With cloud computing, your data will be stored in a centralized data-storage memory, and you are not required to have a back-up for it since any file entered in the beginning is stored in multiple servers.

 Large corporations where all employees use the same version of the same application and share the same files will find it convenient to use this kind of network.

It liberates the organization’s IT staff from issues like a network breakdown or system failures that normally occur and let them concentrate more on their work, which leads to new innovations and research.


How it affects employment?

Based on a recent survey conducted by IDC-Microsoft, there will be around 2 million jobs in the fields of communication, media and manufacturing sectors due to cloud computing in India by 2015.

India ranks among the top 20 countries that provide complete cloud based systems. If we take the general preparedness of this approach and consider its successful implementation, then with the increasing cloud market share, there arises the need of expert cloud architects and engineers.

Due to global exposure, many UK and US based companies are offering cloud computing jobs India. And since India has got the biggest IT market in the world, they are very much interested and willing to invest substantially in the Indian IT market.


Therefore, any misconception regarding cloud computing that it will cut jobs or affect the business industry negatively should be removed blatantly. It has created a revolution in the job sector and is proposed to create a lot of employment opportunities in the near future. It is about to carry a lot of advancement in every field of human life and India is going to gain a lot from this technology.


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