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Opportunities in Sand Production Line Equipment

by anonymous

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     Everything has its advantage and disadvantage, just like dealing with a thing, it is good or bad. Only correct understanding and viewing the pros and cons, which can make things, develop in a better direction. As and production line equipment for the mechanical industries, with the historical development of 30 years, it has a great deal of change in the manufacturing process, but at the same time, also has a place where it needs to be improved.
1. Mining way remains behind, technology needs to be improved. Due to the relatively backward mining mode, industries in the mining areas of utilization, productivity remains relatively low, particle size and environmental protection need to be further enhanced and improved, which affects the overall benefit of the sand and gravel industry. Despite a wave of sand companies establish a mining mode of industrialized management, but compared with other industries (such as cement, concrete) in building material industry, mechanization, automation and management level still needs to be improved. Previously, sand and gravel industry focused on natural mining in technology, it wasted energy and time; despite the machinery manufacturing industry is taking shape, the number of patents increases year by year, but uneven development within the industry of building materials industry is still existing, technical equipment still needed to improve.
2. Small number and size of enterprises, management needs to be improved. Although many areas have set up a management station, in some areas there has been dug cottage business, there is no industrialized management. A single mining field is influenced by regional and market limitations, lack of standardized management and profit model, which cannot reflect the necessary scale benefits.
3. Standards need improvement, industry needs to be upgraded. Compared with other industries, Policies and standards are less, and some policies’ standard is lagging behind. If promoting industrial upgrading, we must make industry standards meet the basic properties and functionality requirements of the industry. Hongxing company has a series of ore beneficiation equipment, welcome to consult us.

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