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Electric Cigarette Regulations

by elynieva

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Electric Cigarette is regarded as a safe and healthy alternative to smoking. This has also gotten much positive feedback from those actually using it and have left their smoking habit altogether. The product being still not approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lets one thinks that is this exactly saving me or putting me into more health hasards. Besides this mindset, several people are not waiting any other second to put an order over the internet or go their nearest retail outlet to purchase one. Electric Cigarettes are even used as the most fashionable and preferred option to smoke when one is outside in restaurants, offices and airports etc. since its feature of odorless smoke is one of the prime reasons capturing dosens out there.


FDA is on its toes to refuse several shipping assignments for Electric cigarettes to United States. People are opposing it pretty much that they agree with the stance of FDA since still unapproved. Regardless of these regulations, refusals and rejections, this product is penetrating the market online and through mail as well. User can easily buy a starter kit; costing one as less as $100; battery and replaceable cartridges have made this quite convenient and user friendly that no one is even not thinking to have them.


Inhaling of propylene glycol is also a question of much debate. This is regarded as an additive to food products but inhaling this is not studied that well, as recorded by several doctors. They responded to be unsure of its side effects in their true honestly. Another claim also comes in the form that nothing is known of its usage and this product has not been tested for safety as to how it is helping people to quit smoking. Much objection comes in the form of this combined with several flavoring agents has bright chances of this being way too enticing for the children thereby increasing the rate of smoking instead of totally ruling this out. They also claim that such things easily attract the young generation therefore it must not be allowed much access to the market.

Australia and Hong Kong also consider the import of Electric Cigarette as illegal and unsafe. Other countries are putting complete restriction on its advertising. Several actions are being taken to make sure that this product gets tested first and then get a release to the market. Stoppage at borders is also being carried out by the US.

The fact however is that this is still regarded as a useful and safe alternative to smoking that has led a lot many to quit smoking outright.

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