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Investment Costs is Essential for Sand Production

by anonymous

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1. GB “sand for building purposes” increases the types of artificial sand for the first time, and determines the definition of artificial sand, technical requirements and testing methods; it requires that besides the mechanism sand with soil treatment and mixed sand are collectively referred to as artificial sand mixed sand. Sand and gravel industry maintained stable development momentum in China in recent years, the mining of natural sand and gravel, and its use gets control, artificial process gradually entered the market. The expansion of application of artificial sand gravel market also shows that China's improvement in their industry as a whole.
2. As steel prices rise, it causes sand prices grow very rapidly, the increase of machinery industry price makes the competition very fierce and sand significantly reduces the profit margins for manufacturers.
3. Most recently, prices of steel is fluctuating, and price of mechanism is difficult to stabilize, we want customers seize the time, to save their own investments, sand making machine is closely related to the growth of steel price. The growth of steel price is still persisting, which brought big impact on the industry as a whole. If machinery industry can break the siege of increasing price, this requires the joint effort of mechanical industries and government agencies to face this storm of continuing price increases.
4. Also, sand maker machine industry itself has many problems, and the industry management is not regular. Now, the technology of sand maker also stays in old workshop technology. Also, the manufactures of sand maker mostly are personal enterprises. There exists big problem in management. In order to adapt to cruel market competition, these private companies have to make reform, or they will be out. And those companies that go the formalized road, high tech development direction will be widely accepted by crushing machinery industry.

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