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Utilize Transport Leak Detection System with Remote Control

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Now the remote control technology has filled the gap in a lot of businesses that required by allowing them to completely restructure the way that they work by changing the way that they employ staff and also how they run their industrial system. Wireless controls have greatly changed the IT after sales market and also changed the way that administrators and technicians.

Nowadays, remote control technology creates a secure connection between one device to another device. It gives priority to one of this industrial wireless control so that it can control another one. Now remote control technology has given these types of companies a great opportunity to cut down their own costs whilst increasing their customer services.

During this era, transport leak detection system is vividly popular in industrial sector. The system is specifically designed for propane, anhydrous ammonia and butane transports. These systems continually monitor the off loading process looking for a rapid change in discharge pressure. These are easy to use and install. Basically the systems detect a separated hose or failed connection and close the tank internal valve within one to two second.

If you critically see the overview of this system, you will get important information. The LDS passive systems incorporate a functional test button as a way to determine the unit’s readiness. The most vital thing is that the system is absolutely easy to install. It requires no calibration or adjustment.

The systems will activate automatically by opening the internal valve or pipe guard. Not only that the options include multi pipe or multi trailer sensors, automatic truck engine or PTO shut down. Basically, the auxiliary control panel is available for LDS 100 and LDS200 systems to allow drivers side unloading control.

There are so many technical specifications of LDS60 system. These are given below,

The system has low powered micro computer controlled leak detection power with shut down system. It has 12volts DC power/ground connections. The system has a easy installation procedure. It has a powerful leak detection method with intrinsically safe pressure transducer. LDS has 1/4” NPT coupling in pump discharge pipe. It has the partial and complete hose pipe separation. The emergency stop method can close any or all tank internal valves. It has calibration self test included. The weight of the system is 10 ibs with non-sparking and this waterproof.

Leak detection system 100

Automatic leak detection and shut down system is designed by professionals. These are specifically for LPG and Anhydrous Ammonia bulk transfer. Basically, the trailer mounted unit continually monitors the off-loading procedure. A leak is instantly detected and stopped by the closure of the tank internal valve. The truck’s engine can also be stopped and PTO disengaged if desired.

This system automatically activates at the end of each load. This ensures that the system is fully operational and helps reduce the possibility of a damaged cargo pump due to product run out. This unit also “fails safe” and closes the internal valve with a loss of power or the release of the trailer parking brakes.

BASE Engineering is a pioneer in developing industrial remote controls. Our industrial remote control technology and systems are equipped with powerful industrial wireless transmitter and they have been employed around the globe to increase job safety and productivity. We design and manufacture extremely rugged industrial wireless control and solutions for most industrial applications such as process controls, industrial petroleum, bulk transport, tank truck equipment, tank truck loading, crane service, hydraulic pumps and many more.

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