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A Smart and User Friendly Service Which Is Easy On PocketToo

by procloudhosting

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When one thinks of web hosting, the cloud computing service comes first to mind for its advantages over the others such as flexibility, scalability and reliabilitybesides the crucial pricing. Here, the resources for the hosted websites are spread across a group of servers called 'cloud' that works together. The websites hosted here are taken care by a group of servers rather than a single server ensuring high level of uptime and greater bandwidth. So, these services effectively help to solve the problems like network fluctuations, traffic overloads, server crashes or any similar activities that affect the performances of the websites hosted over any of the servers in the same cloud.

The users can access the required computing resources such as the servers, software and hardware which are spread across remote locations. There are three forms of cloud computing such as SAAS (Software As  A Service), where the users rent the application software and databases, IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service), where users rent the servers as per their requirements and PAAS (Platform As A Service), where the users rent both the servers with the required software for use.

The basic concept of this cloud computing hosting is that the resources are hosted somewhere in the network rather than hosting these on your own computer or server. This paved the way for distributed computing power and services with high availability to everyone at any time. This technology allows for much well organized computing by integrating data storage, processing and data retrieval.

The cloud computing hosting services boost the skill or add competencies without investing in new infrastructure, manpower or licensing new software. The cloud eliminates the need for each user to invest in stand-alone servers or software that is capital intensive. So, an enterprise becomes able to save on overheads such as management costs, data-storage costs, costs of software updates and quality control making the cloud service more economical. Also, the enterprises can quickly scale up or scale down their usage of services on the cloud as per their requirements.

There are three distinctive characteristics that have differentiated managed cloud hosting from traditional hosting. Firstly, it is available on demand and pay per use basis. Secondly, it is scalable as a user can use as much or as little of the services he/she needs at any given time. Thirdly, the service is fully managed by the provider instead of the user. The cloud computing services can be public or private. A public cloud sells services to anyone on the internet. A private cloud is a proprietary network or a data center that provides hosted services to a select number of clients.


Hence, the use of cloud computing is beneficial to firms to access the various services and applications available on the network and use them smartly to reduce their expenses without enhancing and investing in their own IT Infrastructure. Enterprises can focus on innovation as they do not need to own or manage resources because the service provider controls both the applications and the data. The user can use the services from anywhere freely. The high speed bandwidth ensures a real time response from the resources located at different sites.


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