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Will Purchasing Bioshock CD Key Online Kill the PC Gaming In

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The debate whether or not purchasing an online CD key is illegal or not has been going on for years. On one side, there are proponents who claim that if you buy a Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Steam CDkey, for example, you are contributing to piracy and the death knell of the PC gaming industry. On the other hand, there are vendors who insist that the purchase is legitimate and actually a standard practice among gamers and distributors. You are not leeching off the potential income of developers in any way.

Death exaggerated

To be fair, companies like Nintendo, Sony and EA all reported net losses in the first quarter of 2012, but the problem is really not because people are not buying but rather they got bored of the consoles. Just imagine that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was already commercially available in 2005 and Playstation 3 was unveiled a year later. Despite the many titles, the hardware has remained the same.

One thing is clear, however, if you have a good game people will naturally line up in stores to buy one. Blizzard has been smooching off its two franchise titles “Call of Duty” and “World of Warcraft” and it has been doing well. The generation of the 1990s will always wax nostalgic about the old consoles like SEGA Genesis, NES and Super Family Computer not because of the hardware but the game titles, particularly the story arches not just the violence. There is still a huge demand for good games as can be gleaned from gamers desperately combing websites for a Medal of HonorWarfighter Origin CDkey.


At least developers are listening. You have bread and butter titles like EA’s “Medal of Honor” and
Irrational Game’s “Bioshock,” just two of the more popular titles in the industry today. You can definitely see that by the sheer number of people going online searching for “Bioshock CD key” on Google.

The warning signs about mobile devices supplanting PC and console sales do seem a bit much when the opposite is more realistic. No serious gamer can see himself enjoying the full experience of a first person shooter on a 4-inch LCD screen from a mobile device when he can immerse himself in the game on a 24-inch LED monitor while turning on the speakers on full blast. The PC gaming industry has in fact become the beneficiary of a lot of new titles because desktops always feature better graphics anyway.

Will buying CD key get you in trouble?

This has always been the crux of conversation whenever online CD keys are involved. Will buying Bioshock CD key land you in prison? The answer is no, but with a caveat: only if you purchase the key from legitimate and trusted sources. It would be fruitless to deny that there are websites out there that are selling stolen keys. Naturally, when you buy stolen merchandise you are somewhat accountable and rightly so. In order to avoid complications, make sure you only deal with legitimate sites that are only trading legitimate keys.

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