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Companies Love to Give Away Free Freebies

by davidseaman

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Believe it or not, companies love to give away their products. This sounds like a crazy business practice, but it's actually very popular and very profitable. Everyone loves a free freebie. You can't pass it up! Sometimes it doesn't even matter what the product is. Many people are certainly willing to give it a try especially it's really a free freebie.

Companies that market their products consumers often give away samples of their items in order to attract new customers. The Internet has made this practice widespread. What constitutes truly "free freebies"? To me, a truly free freebie is one that not only doesn't cost you even one penny, but it also doesn't require that you do much to get it. You know how you might walk through a grocery store and a nice sales person is standing there passing out free samples of some tasty new food for you to try right there on the spot? That is a free freebie. There only motivation is to get you to try it, so that maybe you'll be willing to buy it. Basically there are several requirements I consider to make something a truly free freebie:

No shipping costs - Many freebie offers require that you pay the shipping cost. This is great if you think it's an item you are really interested in having. These costs are usually minimal, and you can understand the company's need to at least have a consumer committed to pick up at least the mail cost. But, in order for it to be a truly free freebie, they need to pick up the bill.

Free freebies do not have a requirement to buy something. Some free freebies are more like "buy one get one free". This is not a free freebie to me. It's more like a "sale". If you have to buy something, it's not free. Period.

Free freebies do not include a free trial. You can often get free magazines, vitamins, diet aids, book clubs or more by entering their free trial period. After that time period, they ship you more of their product and charge you for it. If you cancel in time, there is no charge. This free freebie can really work for some people, but you need to read carefully about all the rules for canceling offers, especially regarding the time frames and the shipping and handling fees. Don't request this kind of free freebie if you aren't organized enough to comply, or you'll get stuck paying for it in the end.

Free freebies do not require elaborate activities. How much is your free time worth? Mine is worth a lot. Some supposed free freebies offers require that you join other clubs or upload photos, or shoot videos, or even write essays. Only you can be the judge of how valuable the item is to you. For me, I am only willing to fill out my basic contact information that is necessary for them to send me my samples.

So, what it boils down to is that companies love to give away their stuff in the hopes that they will gain some new customers. You can enjoy the benefits of these free freebies as they are made available, but make sure that it is a truly free freebie, or that you are willing to accept any other terms of the offer if it isn't.

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