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How to Choose the Best Personalized Blanket?

by pensmith

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People who are fond about designing personalized blanket may feel confused to enter into the world of large varieties of photo blankets at the manufacturer’s place. Truly there are so many styles and designs of personalized fleece blanket that may confuse any people at any time. Unless you are an artist, you might be overwhelmed to see a plenty of styles and may not be sure which style best suits your occasion. At the same time it is also true that each of the style has its unique look and feel. You can take a close look on the personalized photo blanket designed with photographs and select which one is the best for you.

There are different styles and designs or fleece blanket. All of them are designed with or without picture. You can also design a blanket by using your own favorite pictures. However the most popular styles are:

Crayons: Crayons are made with a lively and playful style. This style works really well with colorful and funny photographs. These blankets are ideal for the kids. If you have a kid’s birthday party coming up, you can design a crayon-style personalized blanket featuring a portrait of the birthday boy or girl, or a photo of his or her friends.

Impasto: The impasto style is really artistic. This style has been used by great impressionist artists. This type of personalized fleece blanket is ideal for utilizing portraits. You can also use family or pet photographs to design an impasto-style picture blanket. A wedding photo would really look excellent on an impasto-style picture blanket.

Oil-Painted: Oil-painting is always considered as romantic and somewhat sentimental. A personalized blanket designed with oil-painted photographs is a fabulous choice for vacation photos as well as couple portraits. Apart from that you can also choose an oil-painted style to add a landscape photograph. This would be really great to design a vacation photo blanket with the oil-painting of the place where you are spending your vacation.

Black and White Pencil Sketches: Black and white pencil sketches are very edgy and fun when designed on a picture blanket. It is very stylish choice and you can use these styles on occasions like birthday and college graduations. For example, if you have a teenager with birthday coming up, you can consider a black and white pencil-style photo blanket featuring a photo or him/her. This style has a timeless feeling as all photos on these blankets are converted to black and white layers.

Colored Pencils: Colored pencil picture on a blanket looks versatile and attractive. It is perfect for any occasion. In this style you can transform any photo into true work of art worthy of displaying prominently in any room.

Pastel: Another attractive style of personalized picture blanket is pastel. The pastel style fleece blanket is soft and vivid and it is perfect choice for bright and colorful photos. They work well with wedding photos, portraits, and pet photos.

All of these styles have their own specialty and uniqueness. While choosing a perfect blanket for a particular occasion you need to choose according to your choice and preference.

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