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Timber cladding: A Unique Way to Design Your Buildings

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Timber cladding is a unique environmental technique which is utilized to clad any certain structures or building. The wooden planks are generally utilized to form the outer section of the building. With the enormous development in modern technologies as well as designing such cladding technique has now been developed into an erudite option.

There is also another type of cladding termed as Cedar cladding. Itis a type of finish material that can be utilized in order to cover the outer area or the walls of buildings as well as other furniture. Cedar cladding can easily be seen in the numerous types of warm and completely natural colours.

Cedar cladding as well asTimber cladding areboth very demandable in terms of market due to its unique as well as appealing odor that can easily be lasted for numbers of year after the installation process is done.

Selection of cedar cladding board:

There is a huge range of cedar cladded products available in the market that can be used in order to complete the design such as numerous kinds of plywood, timber shakes as well as the exterior grade hardboard. While considering the selection of clad boards the following aspects have to be taken in to accounts.

  • The cost of the product as well as the market availability.
  • The required architectural style.
  • All the needed statutory obligation and the government rules and regulations.
  • The proper cladding according to the structure with unique specifications.
  • The climate as well as the thermal maintenance for the building.


Key considerations while Timber cladding:

There is little important consideration that is required to make while doing the actual cladding process such as:

  • Moisture content and movement:
  • The timbers can take up the moisture according to the changes of the environment as well as can lose the moistures too. The exact equilibrium may vary with respect to the location as well the seasons.
  •  The cladding may be shrinking as soon as it starts to dry. So the shrinking allowance has to be made when it increases.



  • Fire safety:

Even though the houses are more at the safer side when it comes to fire attack but the office building as well the several multistage building are at high risk level.
So in order to prevent it a high level fire resistance system of 30/30/30 has to be there. That can easily be obtained with the help of a fire rated timber cladding system. This can provide a higher rating such as 16mm fire grade timber system can supply a 60/60/60 FRL.


  • Design:
    Designing has always been an integral part of thisprocess due to its huge influence in the comfort, structural stability as well as the aesthetics. In order to obtain the optimal performance the design has to be well thought out with appropriate constructions as well as proper installation. The requirements for such designing are almost the same considering the materials utilized for the cladding procedure.


Maintenance and care:

The kinds of finishing method will be influential for the degree of maintenance in cedar cladding process. So a proper maintenance is required in about every year. Besides the clear finishes offers minimum UV effects protection. So it has to be taken care of while running the maintenance. 

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