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Ottawa Storage Are Handy Although They Arent Pet-friendly

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Schenectady County authorities last June rescued 13 Chihuahuas in four crates from a storage space unit in Duanesburg, NY. The fact that the puppies were confined in boxes without water, food, or air was enough to charge the owner of the unit with animal cruelty. It turned out that the owner currently had previous lawsuits of the same nature.

Ottawa self storage is no location for pet dogs or any sort of living animal; the closed area is designed for inanimate items. If you're running a pet shelter in your area, you should provide adequate shelter, such as a second structure for the pets. Good for the Chihuahuas, the weather was cool when authorities found them. But animals and other living creatures—even for a couple of minutes—can experience the following conditions if you place them in an enclosed self-storage.


Even when self-storage systems are well-ventilated to prevent humidity damage, there's little to no air for the animals to breathe. A traditional unit is sealed tight with a rolling door as the only way in and out of the storage space system. For the rescued Chihuahuas, being kept inside boxes does not make their living conditions any better.


Some dogs can respond differently when they're left alone whether inside a self-storage system or the house. Self storage in Ottawa doesn't permit animals to be kept inside the device not only because it's atrocious, but also because of the damage such equipment may cause. This means bad news for the exotic tapestry or antique furniture you have inside the storage space.

Emotional Trauma

In the worst case scenario, pets become more fearful of or aggressive toward their owners wanting them to be restricted in self storage for a period. No matter what self-storage facility you decide on, never treat it as Fido's kennel. If, however, the pet cannot be adopted due to its aggressive nature, you may look at having your pet dog go through treatment (and taming), when such services are offered. And though animal enthusiasts will see euthanasia as an awful waste of life, some animal owners have no other choice but to put their pets to rest.

For the full tale on the rescue operation in the state of New York, you can check out the article at For more info about self-storage, see These websites can help in making the subject more lucid.

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