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Why the Size of Your Waist Affects Your Health

by jafittest1

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Your waist affects your health? Many of us are worried about the way we look, but we might forget that the weight we carry may not be healthy for our bodies as well. When you begin to gain weight, your body has to work harder to do the everyday tasks which it already has on its To Do list. But studies are showing that it’s not just the extra weight that people carry which affects their health; it’s also where that extra weight is being carried. Those who have larger waists, it seems, have a greater chance of serious health problems.

The Waist and Your Health

How numbers affect your health. Between the sexes, men and women both have the propensity to gain weight in their midsection. For men who have a waist size of more than 40 inches and for women who have a waist measurement of more than 35 inches, this can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and other chronic conditions. The problem with fat in that area is that the fat begins to put itself around the organs of the body. While some fat is necessary for protection, this fat can also excrete chemicals which can cause problems for the health of the patient. Instead of simply being fat which is damaging to your jeans size, it can begin to cause damage in your cells.
Regular health monitoring should help you reveal such condition.

Why the Stomach Gains Weight

Health problems often start with stomach. For many people, the stomach is where they might first gain weight. This is often due to genetics as others in the family may have gained weight there as well. Another possible cause for midsection weight gain is the stress in the life of the patient. When a person becomes very stressed in their lives, they can begin to excrete a chemical called cortisol. This chemical then leads to weight gain in the stomach area, which then leads to the health problems. If the person continues to be stressed, they can continue to gain fat cells in this area, which are then harder and harder to lose.

How to Trim Your Belly

Already concerned on losing weight? In order to lose weight around your abdomen, you will need to take some time to exercise and to eat well. Try to eat more protein than carbohydrates and reduce your stress levels. Researchers have also found that those who strength train will boost their metabolism and have an easier time losing inches around their midsection. Doing abdominal exercises will also help to tone the area, but focusing more on general weight training and aerobic exercises is best for burning calories and creating a healthy metabolism.

Your waistline matters and can be an indicator of future health. To make sure you’re healthy, make sure your waist isn’t expanding.

Testing Your Biological (Body's) Real Age

The Biological Age Test can help you find out in moments what your biological age is and how your age is changing. For some, this might mean they are aging too rapidly. For others, good habits may show that their biological age is moving downward, making them healthier and more youthful. It’s never too late to make changes in your life either. No matter what the results, being able to track one’s biological age will help you find out whether you are heading in the right direction for health or if you need to turn around and ask for more directions.For more visit

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