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Things to Consider When Choosing Skid Loader Attachments

by allannahkemble

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Released in 1957, the skid loader has since then risen to the top of the best-selling equipment list in the construction industry. A lot of construction companies rely on it, which is why it's considered as an vital piece of equipment for contractors to have. Fifty plus years after it penetrated the industry, the popularity of this extremely versatile tool has yet to manifest any signs of decline.

There are two types of skid loaders: tire and track. It is very crucial to match the right skid loader attachments to the construction objectives it will help complete, as well as to the conditions of the site. However, since there are numerous variable factors, selecting the right type of skid loader for the job may be confusing. Contributing to the problem is that no two sites are the same, so picking the correct type of tool can drive one mad.

Consensus dictates that skid loaders with tires should be used on paved locations, landscaped surfaces, or concrete. Track-equipped skid loaders, meanwhile, should be used in snowy, sloppy, muddy, wet, and loose soil conditions, and on sloped terrains. While the latter challenges may be hard for a skid loader with tires, skid loaders with rubber tracks are built to handle these kinds of conditions.

The condition of the ground is generally linked rather closely to geological areas. Due to the fact that rocky and abrasive soils can quicken deterioration, a skid loader with tires is the cost-effective option for these ground conditions, which are typical in the Southwest and mountainous regions. For sandy and wet soil conditions like those common in Florida and many northern areas, skid loaders with tracks is a more practical choice.

The biggest concern with tracks is that once one track pad is damaged or worn, the whole track system ought to be replaced, unlike merely replacing one damaged tire in a skid loader with a tire setup. Changing out skid loader tracks is a more difficult process so it can take up to 1.5 hours to finish.

Regardless of this, however, skid loaders with tracks are more versatile. That said, your choice between tires and tracks will hinge on what type of work you need a skid loader to perform. For more details on the topic, check out

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