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The Workings of an Electronic Cigarette

by davein

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Technology has been of help in so many areas of our lives. Now, there is an invention that is revolutionising how we even smoke. This alternative, the electronic cigarette, has begun taking up the tobacco market by storm. The main difference between the e-cig and the tobacco cigarette is that it has no tobacco in it. Nonetheless, an e-cig still gives the smoker what they crave for, nicotine. This is what makes the solution one of the best inventions of the 21st century. Imagine smoking without having to think about the risk of contracting cancer or any other tobacco related health issues.


The anatomy of an e-cigarette

An electronic cigarette is made up of three major parts that are put together to resemble the real thing. With the same size and height, an e-cig can be confused for a standard cigarette from afar. Let us have a look at these different parts make the cigarette what it is.


        i.            The battery

Since this is an electrical device, it is only natural that it has to have a battery. The battery is the powerhouse that gives life to the cigarette. Due to this reason, it the largest part of the e-cigarette and is the front part of the device. It usually is about the same size as the tobacco filled part of the normal cigarette. It also houses the circuitry and an LED bulb


     ii.            Atomizer

This is the heating part of the cigarette. This is where the liquid, propylene glycol, is heated releasing a vapour rich in nicotine to the smoker’s mouth. It first draws the liquid in from the cartridge before it can heat it up.


   iii.            The cartridge

This is the storage part of the electronic cigarette. In the cartridge or cartomiser, there is a reserviour tank that holds the glycerin based liquid, which is heated up to release vapour. Cartridges can be found offering different flavours to smoke.


How it works

When smoking an e-cig, it takes a whole process for the vapour to be released. This usually takes places within a matter of microseconds, just like the puffing on a normal cigarette. With the drag in of air by the user, the sensor activates the atomizer. The atomizer then pulls in some of the liquid through wicks, or gauses depending with the make of cartomiser, and heats it up. Once heated the liquid becomes a gas which in turn travels out to the users’ mouth as he/she pulls in. the small led light at the tip of the electronic cigarette glows as the process takes place, simulating smoking a real cigarette. In order for the process to work, the battery needs to be charged or with enough power in it.

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