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How to Install Siri on iOS 6 A4 based iPhone, iPod

by maddyacca

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Your 4th generation iPod touch or iPhone 4 can have Siri on them only if you have them jailbroken first with Cydia successfully installed.

Cydia will let you install the Cydia repo from where you can get needed software for Siri configuration on your device. This tutorial will teach you that how to Install Siri on iOS 6.

Note: Be aware that this process exposes your device’s stability and your privacy to risk. Go through with this process on your own risk.

Siri on iOS 6

Steps To Install Siri on iOS 6 A4 Based Devices

Step 1: The first step without which you cannot get Siri on your iOS 6 device is jailbreaking your device and installing Cydia on it.

Step 2: Launch Cydia, open Manage then go to Edit under Sources. Finally, select Add. In the given space, add: Once done, tap on Add Source.

Step 3: Look for SiriPort (Original) iOS 6, in SiriPort.Ru source. Install it.

Step 4: Open from your Home Screen and look for SiriPort.Ru Original. Launch it and select Install Certificate when the Safari window shows. OK it.

Step 5: Then follows some tapping to do. When the Install Profile shows up, tap on Install option. Again tap Install in the top right corner. Wait for a green “Trusted” on the screen for Profile Installed. You can quit Safari after hitting Done.

Step 6: At this point you have Siri accessible on your phone. Launch it by pressing the Home button for a while and say “Hi”. If it does not seem to work then retry again and again. It is only possible to use Siri after she has responded for the first time. True this can be very frustrating but it does work after a while or so.

According to some users you need to reboot the device but I did it without and it worked for me after a while. If retries don’t work for you, try to reboot, but being that this is a tethered jailbreak, it makes the process even more time consuming.

Note: Once you have applied this hack, you don’t have to go to Settings to activate Siri.

 go to Settings to activate Siri

While making siri work on an older device it is still not highly recommended. One reason for this is the number of steps in this process but this is no problem for you avid jailbreakers.

Siri in iPod

This hack also decreases the reliability of your device. During the initial 5 minute window that I was able to connect to her, everything worked as expected. Sports scores (although oddly outdated), Movie ratings, etc.

It was seen that after leaving my IPod for about half an hour I returned to an unresponsive Siri once more. This after an hour of hard work?If your jailbreak iOS 6 its ok but if you go through this process just for siri then this is quite disheartening.

If Siri Stucked

In the end, be careful about the security feature of this hack since you will be connecting to unknown servers, getting files from other networks and connecting to other repo.

After all this it is seen that if ever Siri does work, it does an ok job. Although many people will want to try this out they might be thrown off by the sheer work and lack of result involved.

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