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Amazing and High Quality Flashlights – Quiqlite Flashlights

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In the market, the most suitable company that is manufacturing top quality flashlights for the military, police, law enforcement agencies and other government officials is Quiqlite Inc. The company is the leading name as it is producing flashlights that are made from top quality materials so that the users can be greatly benefited from using Quiqlite Flashlights. In its starting years, the company was unable to capture the market share as it was unable to communicate clearly to its target market. Soon the company’s management team understood its mistake and redesigned the company’s image and product lines so that it had a clear direction about progressing in the market. The competitive edge that Quiqlite now has over all other existing brands on the market is that their products are easy to use and has the most aesthetic and sleek design. The flashlights are designed in a way that they can easily fit in the pockets of the customers and they can use them whenever they want with utmost ease.

Looking at the history of Quiqlite Flashlights, the company was founded by Brian Quittner who was a fifteen year California law Enforcement Veteran. The founder realized that there was no flashlight on the market that could meet the needs of the officials of the country and there was a need for a concealed light source that was hands-free. Hence, he moved ahead with his idea of designing a hands-free concealed light source which could easily fit in the shirt pockets of the uniforms so that the users could even use it in the dark with ease while have both hands free. You see right away that the design of flashlights is very unique and convenient as well.

 Currently, Quiqlite Inc. has grown to become the sole name for manufacturing these flashlights. The company is a well-reputed and trusted name in the public safety industries and more than half million paramedics, police officers, fire-fighters, military officials, law enforcement officials and others use and depend on the products of Quiqlite Inc. All the products are recognized worldwide as the company is the leader in developing and designing their one of kind lights on the market.

The company’s team makes sure that the products are introduced in the market after carefully fulfilling the specifications of the customers and clearing all the tests that ensure that the products are ready to be used. One of the amazing features of their Flashlights is that they are different from other tactical flashlights as the light is not too bright that can impair your night vision; the flashlights are designed in a way that the night vision of the users remains intact. Quiqlite Flashlights can be used in various situations such as casual contacts, applications required in the tactical field, boat operations required for off shore rescue situations and various others as well.  

Consumers can afford these flashlights by shopping online at web stores like Range Master Tactical Gear. They make these items available for those who are not in the tactical circle but want a good quality multipurpose hands free flashlight anyway.


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