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Checking out the Attributes of Smartphone Application Develo

by kierakeisler

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No one can refute the absolute success of the touchscreen-based game, Angry Birds. No wonder; part of its success can be credited to its intuitive touch controls and adorable characters. The additional component of the game's success can be traced to its common accessibility on smartphones.

There are about 5 billion phones presently in the world, and approximately 1.08 billion of them are smartphones. The volume of smartphones in America alone adds up to an excellent 91.4 million. Advertising managers understand the power this medium has, which accounts for smartphone application development trends geared to individuals.

The simple mention of an "app"─ application─ calls up thoughts of ninjas slicing fruit and zombie-slaying pea plants. But games make up only a fraction of all applications─ which includes social networking software, GPS-related services, augmented-reality interactivity, etc. Some geniuses have actually even gone the additional mile and established apps with wonderful utility─ things like thermometers, blood pressure meters, seismograph readings, as well as software applications made to help align firearms (the deadly kind).

Apps also apply (pun not meant) to additional small programs or widgets made use of to advance a brand name or product. These ads are a refreshing method for clients to interact with businesses with innovative methods. And since they can be accessed with the all-pervasive smartphone, there's a great deal of promotion to spread around.

Top mobile application developers can craft tailor-made programs that can assist build connection between the client and businesses. Numerous apps now provide instant access to delivery services at the push of a button, a regularly updating listing of services a law firm could offer, and electronic rebate coupons for loyal customers. These are but a few of the things these "ad apps" are capable of.

Some marketing applications can even be a little more lighthearted. Following the success of touchscreen apps, company applications could additionally be made to possess a game-based user interface. Apart from providing amusement, they can work as marketing methods as well. This tactic would be much more successful for brand names catering to youngsters.

Advertising through smartphones functions as another opportunity for business to promote themselves. While business apps might not supply the exact same level of entertainment as smashing a wingless avian through bricks and mortar, they're pretty good marketing devices. For the interested entrepreneur, a set of important mobile telephone stats can be found at

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