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Private Sub Proc_66_0(arg_C, arg_10) '505EFC
'Data Table: 40A574
Dim var_90 As Single
Dim var_86 As Integer
Dim var_88 As Integer
Dim MemVar_5DD09C As String
Dim var_110 As Double
loc_505C9A: If (Len(arg_C) < 2) Then '505C9E
loc_505C9D: Exit Sub
loc_505C9E: End If
loc_505CA1: Me(0) = arg_10
loc_505CAF: var_90 = CDbl(0)
loc_505CCF: var_9C = CStr(LCase(arg_C) & "x")
loc_505CE3: For var_E4 = 1 To CInt(Len(var_9C)): var_8A = var_E4 'Integer
loc_505D1A: var_86 = CInt(InStr(1, CVar("ABCDEFGHIJKLMNVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopOPQRSTUqrstuvwxyz "), Mid$(var_9C, CLng(var_8A), 1), 0))
loc_505D2C: If (var_86 = 1) Then '505D34
loc_505D31: var_88 = &H20
loc_505D34: End If
loc_505D41: If ((var_86 > 1) And (var_86 < &H1C)) Then '505D4D
loc_505D4A: var_88 = (var_86 + &H3F)
loc_505D4D: End If
loc_505D53: If (var_86 > &H1B) Then '505D5F
loc_505D5C: var_88 = (var_86 + &H45)
loc_505D5F: End If
loc_505D67: var_90 = (var_90 + CDbl(var_88))
loc_505D6D: Next var_E4 'Integer
loc_505D88: MemVar_5DD09C = vbNullString & CStr((var_90 * 5.3282))
loc_505D92: var_98 = "Robin Hood!"
loc_505D98: var_98 = "I guess you must be jealous, that I can create and you don" & Chr(39) & "t know even what to do with your life! even with my little programming skills...I am better."
loc_505D9E: var_98 = "I hope one day you find a better way to use your skills too."
loc_505DA4: var_98 = "And I would like to simply remind you that you are not hurting big guys here - no satisfaction for you!, you just killing me and my desire to create the best tools to make art. You target only one guy - me, my personal enthusiasm and my ability to create tools for the others."
loc_505DAA: var_98 = "Does this make you proud?"
loc_505DB0: var_98 = "Instead of giving away what" & Chr(39) & "s not yours to give,"
loc_505DB6: var_98 = "write me if you truly want me to stop making programs or to give what I" & Chr(39) & "ve done so far for free, say why and I might save you a trouble!"
loc_505DBC: var_98 = "If you think I am a millionare, well, soon you may find out that there will be no programs from me to crack"
loc_505DC2: var_98 = "Wish you the best anyway! - M."
loc_505DCF: If (Len(arg_C) < 6) Then '505DD5
loc_505DD2: GoTo loc_505ED6
loc_505DD5: End If
loc_505DE8: var_86 = CInt(InStr(1, MemVar_5DD09C, ".", 0))
loc_505DF1: If (var_86 > 0) Then '505E06
loc_505E03: arg_0 = Mid$("0", 1, CLng(var_86))
loc_505E06: End If
loc_505E19: var_86 = CInt(InStr(1, MemVar_5DD09C, ",", 0))
loc_505E22: If (var_86 > 0) Then '505E37
loc_505E34: arg_0 = Mid$("0", 1, CLng(var_86))
loc_505E37: End If
loc_505E4C: var_86 = CInt(InStr(1, Me(0), ".", 0))
loc_505E55: If (var_86 > 0) Then '505E6C
loc_505E69: arg_0 = Mid$("0", 1, CLng(var_86))
loc_505E6C: End If
loc_505E81: var_86 = CInt(InStr(1, Me(0), ",", 0))
loc_505E8A: If (var_86 > 0) Then '505EA1
loc_505E9E: arg_0 = Mid$("0", 1, CLng(var_86))
loc_505EA1: End If
loc_505EAB: var_110 = Val(Me(0))
loc_505ECA: If ((CDbl(Val(MemVar_5DD09C)) > CDbl(0)) And (CDbl(Val(MemVar_5DD09C)) = CDbl(var_110))) Then '505ED6
loc_505ED0: Proc_56_3_4D9630(arg_C, var_110, Me(0), var_86, Me(0))
loc_505ED5: Exit Sub
loc_505ED6: ' Referenced from: 505DD2
loc_505ED6: End If
loc_505ED6: Proc_56_4_4DA9DC(var_86, MemVar_5DD09C)
loc_505EF1: MemVar_5DD09C = vbNullString & CStr((var_90 * 5.3282))
loc_505EF8: Exit Sub
End Sub

Private Sub Proc_66_1(arg_C, arg_10) '4FE35C
'Data Table: 40A574
Dim var_94 As Single
Dim var_9C As Integer
Dim var_9E As Integer
Dim var_110 As Double
Dim MemVar_5DDCE4 As Integer
loc_4FE15E: If (Len(arg_C) < 2) Then
loc_4FE161: Exit Sub
loc_4FE162: End If
loc_4FE165: Me(0) = arg_10
loc_4FE173: var_94 = CDbl(0)
loc_4FE193: var_8C = CStr(LCase(arg_C) & "x")
loc_4FE1A7: For var_E4 = 1 To CInt(Len(var_8C)): var_9A = var_E4 'Integer
loc_4FE1DE: var_9C = CInt(InStr(1, CVar("ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQghijklmRSTUVWXYZabcdefnopqrstuvwxyz "), Mid$(var_8C, CLng(var_9A), 1), 0))
loc_4FE1F0: If (var_9C = 1) Then
loc_4FE1F5: var_9E = &H20
loc_4FE1F8: End If
loc_4FE205: If ((var_9C > 1) And (var_9C < &H1C)) Then
loc_4FE20E: var_9E = (var_9C + &H3F)
loc_4FE211: End If
loc_4FE217: If (var_9C > &H1B) Then
loc_4FE220: var_9E = (var_9C + &H45)
loc_4FE223: End If
loc_4FE22B: var_94 = (var_94 + CDbl(var_9E))
loc_4FE231: Next var_E4 'Integer
loc_4FE24C: var_90 = vbNullString & CStr((var_94 * 5.3282))
loc_4FE265: var_9C = CInt(InStr(1, var_90, ".", 0))
loc_4FE26E: If (var_9C > 0) Then
loc_4FE280: arg_0 = Mid$("0", 1, CLng(var_9C))
loc_4FE283: End If
loc_4FE296: var_9C = CInt(InStr(1, var_90, ",", 0))
loc_4FE29F: If (var_9C > 0) Then
loc_4FE2B1: arg_0 = Mid$("0", 1, CLng(var_9C))
loc_4FE2B4: End If
loc_4FE2C9: var_9C = CInt(InStr(1, Me(0), ".", 0))
loc_4FE2D2: If (var_9C > 0) Then
loc_4FE2E6: arg_0 = Mid$("0", 1, CLng(var_9C))
loc_4FE2E9: End If
loc_4FE2FE: var_9C = CInt(InStr(1, Me(0), ",", 0))
loc_4FE307: If (var_9C > 0) Then
loc_4FE31B: arg_0 = Mid$("0", 1, CLng(var_9C))
loc_4FE31E: End If
loc_4FE328: var_110 = Val(Me(0))
loc_4FE347: If ((CDbl(Val(var_90)) > CDbl(0)) And (CDbl(Val(var_90)) = CDbl(var_110))) Then
loc_4FE350: MemVar_5DDCE4 = (MemVar_5DDCE4 + &HF)
loc_4FE353: Exit Sub
loc_4FE354: End If
loc_4FE354: Proc_56_4_4DA9DC(MemVar_5DDCE4, var_110, Me(0), var_9C, Me(0))
loc_4FE359: Exit Sub
End Sub

Private Sub Proc_66_2(arg_C) '4D9630
'Data Table: 40AE7C
Dim MemVar_5DDCE4 As Integer
loc_4D9590: On Error Resume Next
loc_4D95B8: Kill CVar(App.Path & "\reg05w.lic")
loc_4D95EF: Open App.Path & "\reg05w.lic" For Binary As 1 Len = &HFF
loc_4D9609: Put 1, 0, arg_C
loc_4D960F: Close 1
loc_4D9615: MemVar_5DDCE4 = 6
loc_4D9623: Proc_1_2_4CD158("Thank You for registering 05wEditPro!")
loc_4D962D: Exit Sub
End Sub

Private sub Proc_66_3_4DA9DC
'Data Table: 40AE7C
loc_4DA928: On Error Resume Next
loc_4DA950: Kill CVar(App.Path & "\reg05w.lic")
loc_4DA96B: MemVar_5DDDA4(1) = vbNullString
loc_4DA979: MemVar_5DDDA4(2) = vbNullString
loc_4DA98E: Proc_1_2_4CD158("Invalid Registration Code!" & MemVar_5DDDC0 & "Please contact!")
loc_4DA9A4: Me(4) = (Me(4) + 1)
loc_4DA9B3: If (Me(4) < 3) Then
loc_4DA9B8: Exit Sub
loc_4DA9B9: End If
loc_4DA9CB: UnLoad MemVar_5DE110
loc_4DA9D5: End
loc_4DA9D9: Exit Sub
End Sub

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