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Enjoy learning history from the Harlem tours and culture

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Living in the biggest city in the world has its unmatched charms and benefits. There is no moment of boredom and you can find something to do always. Harlem is a neighborhood in the New York city. Situated in the borough of Manhattan, it is a mixture of black and white Americans since the 1920s. <a href="">Harlem culture</a> is quite different from the other neighborhoods because of its history filled with the love of art, music, films and many other artistic activities. Harlem has proudly introduced many talented people who are now working in the different areas of art. Today Harlem is a completely modern and a beautiful neighborhood of the New York city. It hosts many credible offices, hotels and homes of many New Yorkers.

Tourists are encouraged to visit the historical place of New York. <a href="">Harlem tours</a> are conducted by various touring agencies. They show the tourists around and also take them sightseeing of the great buildings and monuments in the area. As it was founded as a Dutch military outpost in the 17th century. Harlem developed as a farming village and then progressed as an industrial suburb. With the advent of the 19th century it began developing as a small town and started progressing until in the late 20th century it was merged with the New York city. Today Harlem is a part of the New York city and is just a 20 minutes drive from the central New York.

When you go on Harlem tours, you can learn about its rich history of being a religious as well as a home to many talented artists. It holds over 4000 churches of every size. Some are large while some can be found in basements too. Harlem is proud to be a hometown of the famous Christian leaders in the world war II, George Wilson Becton and Father Divine. They took active part in politics and brought much progress to Harlem with their untiring efforts. Harlem’s actors and musicians have also earned it a great name in the arts industry. Today Harlem’s artists are serving in the world’s biggest film industry Hollywood. The great love for art, music and films can be easily observed by the many theaters, music schools and cinemas in Harlem. The world famous Apollo theater opened on 26th January 1934 on the 125th street. Since its inception it has served as a place where people would come to enjoy and learn about the various arts of the entertainment industry.

While you may wonder about the Harlem culture, Harlem has a history of many foreign settlements so it easily accommodates any person coming from any corner of the earth. Living in the 21st century, Harlem has a fair share in New York’s growth and income too. The great tourist spot allures many visitors from all over the world. Many people who came to Harlem as tourists have now become its permanent residents. The great neighborhood has its charms which lures people to leave their own place and settle down for the fun filled life of Harlem.

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