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Top 5 Business Promotional Products

by anonymous

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Most business owners know that there is no better way to promote your business than by giving out free products that have your brand on them. Products such as t-shirts, pens, pads, and more are great ways to get your brand into consumer households. However, the issue is knowing which promotional products are the most commonly used and have a low chance of being thrown in the garbage.

Here is a list of the top performing promotional products that have shown real-world success for small and medium businesses:

1. Note Pad

Seems very basic, but you have no idea how powerful these are! When businesses give out note pads, most consumers actually take these home and USE them. They make their lists on them, jot down notes, phone numbers, etc. and that means that they are looking at your Online Business Card brand EVERY time they do that.

2. Coffee Mug

Giving out promotional coffee mugs is also a great product! However, the key with this is to make it look as attractively appealing as possible because most people will either take the mug home or to their office. So if you can create a nicely designed mug, it will be a hit!

3. Tote Bag

This is along the same lines as the coffee mug above in the sense that you need to make it look attractive. Most people use these branded tote bags for groceries, for lunch bags, and more, but if your bag is tacky looking, the chances consumers will actually use it are much less.

4. USB Flash Drive

This is another great promotional product because it’s something that almost EVERYONE needs. The great thing about this promotional product is that it really doesn’t have to be designed nice – just a basic USB flash drive with your logo on it!

5. Pens

And of course, the classic business pen! These will NEVER go out of style! Again, a very commonly used promotional product that your consumers will use in their home, at their office, and more!

Hope these tips have helped you and don’t forget to check out to get your business promotional products! Or for Online Printing

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