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Prepping for No-Fault Document Scanning in Los Angeles

by rubybadcoe

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You’re ready to turn paper files into electronic copies, but have you checked the stack? Go over the stack of files one more time to make sure that the copies will be clear and readable once the scanning is done. After all, it’s no use scanning a stack of files if the ink is barely readable.

Scanning has grown to be so important that most printers in the market now have the ability to scan files for electronic viewing. Since PCs can save more files than a single archive room, a lot of homes and offices use document scanning in Los Angeles. But there’s nothing more useful than a file that can be read letter by letter. Before you start turning them into PDFs, take note of these simple reminders.

Check for Highlights

In some cases, scanners won’t be able to read highlights in the document, which usually result in the words or phrases being blacked out. If you need those highlights, use yellow and light green colors to highlight text for safe measure. Other highlight colors, experts say, aren’t exactly ideal for scanning.

Check for Scotch tape

Check documents, especially receipts, for scotch tape and make sure they’re not over strings of text. Since scotch tape can reflect light from the scanner, the scan may not get the strings of text covered by tape. If you have to use tape for other purposes such as sticking receipts on scratch paper (recommended), use cellophane tape.

Check for Folds and Trims

If a document won’t fit in the scanner, trimming may be an option; but it’s best if you consult with the service first. This way, you can be sure that you’re not excluding important info that may be required for lawful Los Angeles document scanning. Also, make sure that the files are laid flat in the scanner for the device to have full coverage. Any fold in the document, like trims, may omit important details in the electronic copy.

The University of Arizona Business Community follows all the aforementioned rules when scanning their files and documents. You can view these rules that serve as basic guidelines by visiting their website at

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