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Types of Services And Solutions Provided by A Web Hosting

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Hosting companies in India are emerging as one of the major service providers of Information and technology to the world. A web hosting company in India provides numerous solutions that include application development, integration of system, security, website designing and development, as it also includes hosting services. These solutions have gained popularity over the past decade. These solutions are very much cost-effective because they are provided by specialized organizations those have dedicated infrastructure, and they have expertise in providing standard solutions to a huge number of clients. For this very reason, many organizations from the western countries are adopting these solutions for their cost-effectiveness nature and for the in house services.

Hosting companies are very popular due to the solutions provided in India. There are hosting companies providing highly secure and risk free hosting services through partnership with the enterprises. World-renowned data center providers have linked with these companies to offer the best-in-class infrastructure supported and facilitated by the advanced technologies. Leading application vendors provide them the application systems to provide cost-effective and flexible web hosting plans and packages to clients in India and abroad. Native Indian web hosts make full use of these market associations for the benefit of their clients. There are different types of hosting services available in India hosting market. And easily the most popular among them are the Dedicated Hosting, VPS hosting services, managed hosting and lastly the shared hosting services.


  • Dedicated server, individuals lease a server from the hosting companies. The coordinator provides all typical solutions at the data center that includes web hosting, server maintenance, security and backup. The Web site owner has the complete independence to control the server and modify the configurations as per their needs. This type of servers is usually provided for organizations that have to deal with the bulk of information.
  • VPS hosting is another type of safe and excellent server and is quite frequently used for hosting. In this web hosting provider allows the individual to co-locate his server at the data center. In other words, the individual purchases the server and appoints the coordinator to run it in their data center. Here, clients have the independence and flexibility to control their server, and the service provider offers the server space.
  • With a managed web server, the coordinator owns and controls the hosting server, and the individual is not allowed to change the configurations, nor does he have the control over the application and hardware. The clients, however, can handle their information via FTP or other remote management tools.
  • On the shared server, the individual shares, the server space with other clients. In such a plan, the storage space may be limited. It is the cheapest way of hosting a website, and is usually opted for individual websites.

A web hosting company in India provides protected and excellent hosting under all the above plans. The demand for the offshore Web hosting services in India is sky high, which itself validates the quality of these services.


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