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The main clothing brands for the Equestrian world

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Whether you're looking for jodhpurs or riding jackets, boots or gloves, there are plenty of equestrian clothing brands that don't just offer style, but also a more comfortable, enjoyable riding experience for you and your horse. While branded clothing costs a little more than un-named items, this is reflected in the quality of the product and its durability.

However, branded <a href="">Equestrian clothing</a> doesn't have to be expensive. Take Requisite for example - this brand offers affordable yet stylish and practical clothing. Requisite doesn't only make jodhpurs and riding boots though, there is also a range of clothes that are just as fashionable when you're out of the saddle - including polo shirts and hoodies - that allow you to retain that equestrian look when you're on two legs.

Fashion conscious riders might also want to take a look at Caldene. Their line of show jackets will make anyone look graceful and elegant during a performance, while their range of breeches are made from the finest materials for extra comfort.

Another fantastic brand is Ariat, who specialise in footwear. Their full-grain leather boots are designed with both form and function in mind. Their best models are not insulated and waterproof, helping you to ride comfortably in all conditions.

With so many equestrian clothing brands available, there is something for every type of rider on every budget. Just remember that while you might want to look fashionable while riding, your most important consideration should be on the quality of the product, and how it will enhance your riding experience.

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