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Portland OR IT Support for Startup Car Dealerships

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Let’s face it; it’s tough to break into the car business in Portland, Oregon. The city was designed for maximum use of its mass transit system. Not to mention bikes are becoming a more common mode of transportation—about eight percent of the citizens take a bike to work; the highest recorded proportion among any major American city.

But despite these, the auto industry is pretty much alive and kicking. With about a thousand auto-related shops in the city, it looks like car transport is far from over. But with the sheer number of dealerships, a new problem arises for prospective auto dealers: How does one keep abreast of industry developments and customers? Portland OR’s established IT support hopes to help with that, and more.

Portland’s west region is home to a number of technology related companies; the so-called “Silicon Forest”. This industry has a synergy with the rest of the city’s businesses, and car dealerships benefit from this. The various IT support companies guarantee they can handle all computer-related concerns of their clients so that management can focus on the most important part of business: selling.

Car dealerships often catalog their inventory in relation to the manufacturer—if there’s a demand for a certain model or make. Now imagine if the computers suddenly break down, or worse, are hacked such that all important data are lost. Having IT support could potentially avoid these situations; IT managed services in Portland can provide 24/7 monitoring and skilled technical support to streamline the efficiency of the whole IT system of the company.

Companies that offer managed services can help you with services that ensure your connectivity like PCs, phone systems, servers, firewalls and routers. It will also provide you with the newest in IT technology that’s within your budget. For a business that can’t afford to stop even for a moment, cloud computing, remote access, event log management and network security are welcome additions to any dealership with access to advanced IT solutions.

It’s hard to make it in the Portland car business, but those who stick around are backed up by some of the most skilled IT support companies in the country. With the Silicon Forest backing you up, how can you go wrong? Hook up with support at

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