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Finding a Home in Burnaby: Roof Inspections on Homes

by brendangertner

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With frigid 6º-13º temperatures during the cold months, Burnaby is a place to literally chill in. Sporting four prime golf courses, four backpacker-ready parklands, and a bevy of summer programs organized by the city itself, things are truly cool and hip in this British Colombia city. It’s no wonder that so many immigrants have flocked to this city to experience it all.

Burnaby is known for its multicultural inhabitants: according to a 2006 census, 54 percent of the city’s population spoke neither English nor French as their first language. However, this multiculturalism has created a varied culinary paradise: locals and visitors can eat exotic delicacies of Korean, Macanese, and Taiwanese origin. Furthermore, visitors can play Italian bocce games, and speak to neighbors who once belonged to the former Yugoslavia. Indeed, Burnaby is quite the globalized city.

So it would make perfect sense that a lot of people would want to live in Burnaby and enjoy its many attractions. Much of Burnaby is suburban, with flourishing residential areas ripe for the picking. Properties and housing are reasonably—if not affordably—priced; moreover, the costs of constructing a home can run from $175-$400 per square foot.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a recently vacated home in Burnaby, you should contact a
BC roofing company beforehand to evaluate the condition of the home’s roofing system. Roofs in Burnaby are continuously exposed to prevailing weather conditions, such as rain, snow, ice, wind, and sunlight. Hence, it is important to evaluate the condition of the current roofing system to determine if repair work or a complete roof replacement is needed to restore its functionality.

The roofing Burnaby homes have should be inspected in the early spring or winter. This is because signs of deterioration—like cracked, curled, or missing shingles; leaks and holes on beams and interior ceilings; as well as mold and moss growth—are not just unsightly, but can also affect the integrity of the roof. Compromised roofing systems will cause energy bills to escalate, as damaged roofs have poor insulating qualities; these and other concerns make roof repairs very important.

You can contact the local branch of the Chamber of Commerce or the Better Business Bureau to source a reputable BC roofing company. This way, you can live in your dream home in Burnaby and enjoy its many sights and sounds. To learn more about the city, visit:

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