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Tips to Recover a Forgotten Windows 7 Password

by brusestudery

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Being a common Windows 7 user, have you ever got caught up in the
troubles caused by a forgotten Windows 7 password? What measures would
you take to fix this problem? To be fair, the best solution to this
problem is to either make use of a password reset disk or any other
administrator account in the same computer, just like Microsoft suggests
on its website. But the reality is based on that lots of users forgot Windows 7 password
without a password reset disk and another accessible user account with
administrator permissions. In this situation, the Microsoft's
suggestions won't meet your needs apparently.


Actually, it's no need for you to format your computer when you forgot Windows password.
This is your last choice as it will cause data loss. With Windows 7
Password Recovery software, you don't need to do the installation inside
your computer because it comes in an ISO image. Simply visit its
official site to download the free ISO image. Then burn it to some CD
and boot the computer you need to crack password of in the CD. The
Ophcrack program starts, locates the Windows user accounts, and proceeds
to recover (crack) the passwords. Besides, there are lots of other
Windows password cracker freeware like Cain & Abel, Offline NT
Password Disk, etc.


For your case, all need to do is to create a bootable Windows
password recovery disk to perform Windows 7 password recovery for your
laptop. To get started, find a program called Rekeysoft Windows password
recovery, and then download and install in any PC that you can run as
administrator. With Rekeysoft Windows Password Recovery, you can create a
bootable password recovery disk with CD/DVD or USB flash dridve in
seconds. Please note that a CD/DVD driver is required if you intend to
create a bootable password recovery CD/DVD. And having a backup of your
USB data is highly recommended if you choose a USB flash drive.

With the bootable Windows password recovery CD/DVD or USB drive, you
can instantly reset your forgotten Windows 7 password of your computer
by taking the following steps. In reality, this burned bootable disk,
you can also reset login password for with Windows Vista and Windows
XP, and any other PC brands running on Windows 7/Vista/XP and Windows

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