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Size and Beyond: Comparing Recreational Vehicles & Trailers

by tiaoshields

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Many people have approached recreational vehicle (RV) and trailer experts as to which of the two seems the better choice. The answer was obvious: There’s no easy answer to discern the pros and cons of a full-size RV as opposed to an attachable travel trailer. Both are simply good homes away from home.

You don’t need a pair of glasses to see the difference between an RV and a trailer at first look. The huge gap in size says it all: The RV is as big as a bus, while the trailer is no larger than a family van. However, the things people have been asking about RVs and trailers for years are not only about the size. The comparison between the two goes way beyond that.


“The bigger, the pricier,” is what often happens in the market, and both the RV and the trailer are popular examples. Normal trailers cost around $20,000 to $30,000, while the bigger trailers can reach up to $90,000. On the other hand, full-sized RVs are nearly 6 times as expensive as the normal trailers, peaking around $170,000.


Being trailers, they need to be attached to a vehicle, usually a pick-up truck with enough towing power. Should you go for trailers Red Deer residents have, make sure that the pick-up truck you have can make the long haul. A full-sized RV needs no vehicle for towing as it’s a home on wheels.

Living Space

Space is a major factor in the price of an RV or a trailer as it also follows the bigger-pricier rule. For no more than $170,000, you can get an RV with more elbow room to go around as well as space to store your things. On the other hand, trailers Red Deer residents are not as big as RVs and offer a small space. However, you can get more elbow room by going for the larger trailers worth at least $90,000.

For more information about RVs and trailers, you can visit In any case, don’t hesitate to ask a dealer of trailers and boats Red Deer can provide if you want information straight from the professionals.

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