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What Do Researchers And Scientists Say About E Cigarette

by elynieva

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Regular cigarettes have always been criticized for the worst effects that they can cause to the normal functioning of human body. When the user switches to using electronic cigarettes they can get rid of almost all the adverse effects that are seen on the cardiac and respiratory system of the body. Researchers have proved that smoking electronic cigarettes is less harmful than smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. They consider it to be the right healthy move towards a better tomorrow in an individual's life.


According the reports published by WHO (World Health Organization), if the number of people who smoke tobacco are not curbed then the number of deaths that might be the result of smoking can cross over one billion. Most of the smokers are prone to lung cancer as well as cardiac diseases. Most of the manufacturers and sellers of electronic cigarettes are giving best efforts in promoting this product. An e-cigarette is similar to regular cigarette not just visually but also gives the same feel to the users and because it contains nicotine, which is present in regular cigarettes as well, it gives the same taste to the users.


Previously a lot of studies have been conducted in which it was found that electronic cigarettes contain lesser toxins than regular tobacco cigarettes. Nitrosamines present in regular tobacco cigarettes are a part of carcinogens that are the main reasons behind the cancer, and these nitrosamines are found 1,400 times less in electronic cigarettes. Thus a regular smoker who switches to electronic cigarette will have to smoke the device every single day for a period of at least 12 months to intake nitrosamines equal to one single cigarette.


Most of the smokers die because of heart related diseases, especially blockage of coronary artery or any other disease connected to it. Scientists all over the world have researched on the smoking habits of e-cigarette smokers and regular smokers. Most of the regular cigarette smokers were showing symptoms of dysfunction immediately after the very first smoke, and the smokers of electronic cigarettes had no ill-effects on the cardiac functioning. There was no effect on the blood pressure levels and heart rate also observed with the intake of electronic cigarettes.


Scientists may not support the product as being 100 percent healthy, but it does have the capabilities of helping the addicts in getting rid of smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. Many manufacturing companies like Blucigs have come forward in order to promote the usage by providing online facility where the user just needs to place an order and get the product and related accessories delivered at their doorstep without any extra charges.

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