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Clean your sponge cloths to avoid bacterial growth

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It is difficult to maintain clean and dirt free home without good cleaning tools. Normal solutions and tools take a lot of time for cleaning difficult areas like bathroom corners, kitchen sinks, dusting furniture and so on. One of the best and effective tools to reach these places are sponge cloths. They are highly versatile in nature which can be used on a variety of surfaces and materials for cleaning. They are highly absorbent and flexible enough to reach areas to absorb dirt. Some of the known brands are made with antibacterial protection, but otherwise one needs to take care of them after use to avoid any bacterial growth.


They are ideal for wiping and cleaning all surfaces. They are made of strong material which can be washed and reused multiple times. The material is very durable and each cloth soaks up to 16 times their own weight in water. Many renowned manufacturers are selling these products with antibacterial protection. This means the cloth or material is treated with the antibacterial treatment that protects it against developing any bacteria and bad odors. Although many brands claim to manufacture antibacterial cloths it is wise to wash them after every use. Since repeated use over dirty surfaces can decrease the antibacterial power in the sponge. Even clean sponges can contain thousands of bacteria per square inch.


They are easy to clean and take less time to dry. It is a good practice to clean the area with the sponge and after cleaning hold it under running water. Now apply little cleaning solution to wash and rinse thoroughly. Many people don’t wash their kitchen sponges and throw them after few uses. This can be avoided by simply washing them not just to avoid any bacterial growth, but also give increasing durability to the cloth. Best quality of the sponges is that they are very supple and easy to wring. A good quality sponge never leaves any dirt behind and soaks all the unwanted water from the surface. Though it is recommended to discard them if you see color changes or if it leaves behind any foul smell after cleaning. These are signs of overused sponges and hence should be replaced with the new ones immediately. Another important aspect is drying. It is good to wash and let the sponge cloth dry completely before using it for the next time.


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