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The Roof: Why Homes Have Evolved

by tiffanylarsen

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Probably, residences can be thought as old as civilization. This makes sense since the first humans might have found ways to defend themselves from the elements, wild animals, and enemies. According to paleontologists, the first men live in caves.

Among the explanations why houses have developed are due to the roofs. Doing trial and error with the elements over time, humanity continue to see which roofing materials could do their intentions well. After all, a house that has a decrepit roof is practically useless. Thus, the hunt for strong roofs starts and will perhaps never end because advancements in engineering and architecture continue to emerge.

In the medieval times, homes had thatched roofs-thick straw-piled with no wood underneath. For animals to feel the heat, animals like dogs, cats, bugs, and mice dwelled on the roof. Animals would lose their balance when it sprinkles and would fall off the roof. This is possibly the reason behind the quote, “It’s raining cats and dogs.”

Houses with thatched roofs include town buildings, peasant houses, and cottages. They are comprised of heather, tightly woven straw, rushed, and reeds. When aptly devised, thatch could keep out the elements like snow, rain, and hail. However, thatch roofs draw insects, rodents, and birds. In dry, hot weather, or when chimneys went awry, thatch roofs could burn. These roofs cannot be protected from water as roofs are now by Washington roofing contractors. When thatch roofs failed though, it is easy to get a new one because it is cost-effective and easy to install.

Throughout history, humanity has used varied technological schemes and natural resources to create sturdy, yet environmentally safe roofing. From straw, wood, and mud, now there are shingles and tiles. The advancement stems from humanity’s continuing yearning to keep homes safeguarded through their roofs. These days, any Washington roofing company can aid in constructing a safe sanctuary.

Roofing styles are fundamentally geographic apart from being affected by time. You can consult Washington roofers for the different materials for roofing for sale in your area. All these could mean that roofs will continuously experience change through the times. For more information, visit

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