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Renaissance Beauties Today

by williamsjack145

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Renaissance women became
famous after being depicted with voluminous bodies and fair peachy skin, for
their pure looks and all the nature-related elements surrounding them in the
paintings. It was preached that a woman’s natural form was perfect, and that it
was something she should be proud of. The Renaissance, itself, was a cultural
movement of the fifteenth century that revolutionized many concepts evident
before then. It started out in Florence, Italy, around the 1400s and spread
throughout Europe in the later centuries. One of the concepts that was also
affected by this new age, was beauty. The Renaissance brought about artists
that depicted voluptuous feminine bodies,
because their perception of beauty was influenced by the classical art from the
old Greek and Roman civilizations. This was a lasting concept, since a generous
figure was a sign of wealth and good health. Truth was, that skinny women were
often compared to haunting specters and nightmares, with no allure, nor
seductive, power over men.

if a
curvaceous woman is still part of your fantasies, you can rely on a beauty akin
to the Renaissance paintings, by taking a stroll through Renaissance London,
arm in arm with one of the busty escorts London has. Examples of the
legacy of this era’s architecture can be found in the City, in buildings like
St.Paul’s Cathedral or St. Mary le Bow, works of Sir Christopher Wren and
others, spread all the way from the Strand to Piccadilly. If you find yourself
in the West End, then why not pop in to the National Gallery in Trafalgar
Square and admire the works of great Renaissance masters like Leonardo da
Vinci, Raphael and Titian. The painting ‘Virgin of the Rocks’ found in one of
the rooms at the National Gallery, is a great example of the Renaissance woman.
Although many artists had abandoned the religious themes, in this painting Da
Vinci depicts a woman, presumably the Virgin Mary. ‘Madonna of the Pinks’ by
Raphael, shows a woman of pale complexion and blonde hair, both signs of beauty
in the Renaissance Era, complemented by her obvious curves and generous bosom.
Another piece by Raphael, ‘St. Catherine of Alexandria’, can also be found at
the Gallery, where you can spot the similarities of the women in them.

of the extensive tour that Renaissance London has to offer? Why not head to a
quiet and refined restaurant with your busty escorts? Taking the tube
northwest from Trafalgar Square to Kings Cross - St. Pancras and settle for a
dinner at the Renaissance Hotel St. Pancras, the epitome of elegance and style;
where many of its original ornate mouldings still prevail, adding to the
amazing atmosphere. How much more enticing could a day in London get?

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