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Five Rules of Auto Negotiation You Should Know About

by ellsworthmciltrot

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One of the problems most auto shoppers experience when it comes to buying a car is haggling for a reasonable deal. If you know next to nothing about cars, buying one can get complicated and the process itself becomes rife with trickery. At least that’s how it might seem to you once you realize you got yourself “talked” into buying “a good deal” which might as well be, but the car, alas, isn’t anything that is suited to your need. To stay on top of the game as you walk into that dealership’s lot, know a few things:

You’ve heard this tip more than once, but it’s really the most basic and most sensible move you can make. It’s an effective way to narrow your choices, deal with car salesmen, and acquire the car you’ve taken pains to study. When you’re equipped with the knowledge of vehicle type and model that you prefer, you make yourself less vulnerable to persuasion and outright hard salesmanship. You learn to zero in on the dealer who listens to you and offers to deliver what you have in mind.

Consider dealing by phone
The first thing you need to do is to get some competitive prices—which you can easily do by talking to Edmonton auto dealers over the phone. If they refuse to give you the numbers and demand your presence at their parking lot, then he’s not on the same page with you. Faxing all your requirements and inquiry and giving a deadline for their reply conveys your seriousness in buying a car, and dealers often respond in kind. You can also send the fax to other Edmonton dealerships within 50 miles of your area.

Gather prospects
One Edmonton auto dealer may not be enough to get the car you want. Check out other dealerships, and compare prices. Be aware of the markup price from holdbacks and rebates, and by knowing beforehand the car’s invoice price (the price dealerships paid for the car) and sticker price (significant markups charted in).

Car paint, windshield wiper, rust-proofing, extended warranties, theft protection are some of the extras that can escalate your monthly car payments. Don’t let Edmonton car dealers talk you into buying the things you might not need yet. Visit for more information.

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