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How To Transfer and Play iTunes Music in Android

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Here are sharing you some ways to connect with the knowledge how to.




Via Google Play


Via SD Card


Discussing first step.


Via USB:


Do attach your phone to your computer using the USB cable. So surely you require wait for attaching message by your system, just giving you alert for attached.


Start on the file manager and find the audio files that you want to transport.


Open the drive that was assign to the device and find or create a folder for you to store the music.


Copy/paste or draw and drop the audio into the folder.


Disengage your phone from your computer. Android devices when booted up will mechanically spot any media that is on the phone, so your tracks should appear in the music player on the device.


Via SD Card:



Get rid of the SD card from your Android device. We can’t speak to all devices, but generally you’ll need to remove the back covering to get to the SD card slot.


Connect an SD card reader to your computer. Some laptops and desktops come with SD card slots pre-installed, so you may not want to buy a card reader.


Add your SD card into the reader or slot. Wait for Windows 7 to detect the card as a mass storage device and assign a drive to it.


Start on the file manager and find the audio files that you want to transfer.


Undo the drive that was assigned to the SD card and find or create a folder for you to store the music.


Copy and paste or drag and drop the audio into the folder.


Remove the SD card from the reader and reinsert the SD card into your device.


Via Google Play:



Google refurbish the Android Market in March of 2012 rebranding it as Google Play. Play permits users to use Google’s cloud to store music, books, movie and apps.


Here are a couple of simple steps to help you listen to your music via Google Play and offline.


Download and install the Google Play Music Manager on your computer.


After installation click on the Manager. The Manager will ask where you keep your music. Find the appropriate option and click ‘Next.’


Decide whether or not you want the Manager to automatically add songs whenever music is added to your local folder.




Android Apps That Plays iTunes:






Nutsie is a paid application that you need to install on both your phone and your computer.





There is a free Android application available called DoubleTwist that allows syncing between your computer and your Android phone.

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