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The city of London is an exciting place for anyone

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When you’re in a black cab, there is a sense of one upmanship over the people who you ride alongside, walking on the pavements of the city. Not in an overly snobby kind of way, there’s nothing nice about that, but it can be comforting not having to walk. We are not lazy! It’s just that little bit nicer to be chauffeured in one of the plentiful taxis available in the city. But getting in and out of a London taxi, especially if it’s a Hackney carriage, known as a black cab, can prove slightly tricky. They are slightly higher than the average car, so you have to step up into it. Not as severe as an articulated lorry, but still more elevated than what some are used to. Luckily for us, we’re not part of the elite who are bombarded by photographers seeking the ‘up-skirt shot’ when we disembark from the carrier. This, at least, takes some of the pressure off.

The possibility of smacking one’s head on the door frame is quite high, and so precautions must always be taken. However, the luxury of being driven to your destination surely outweighs the life-threatening smack on the bonce that eagerly awaits your step into the vehicle. Without this, it would be the perfect ride. Especially when there’s no traffic and you’re able to whizz by. But alas, life is not this kind.

Whilst the recession, which is still full swing, stifled plenty of companies, it seems a few were able to escape the clutches of the numerous crashes the economy faced, though with obviously diminished customers. Surprisingly, we think the taxi industry is one of these. Although it’s always been thought of as something of the wealthy, a lot more request their use than we would first believe. When have you been standing on the pavement, hailed a cab, and it comes to you straight away? Hardly ever, we should think. The demand far outweighs supply. But it can be considered a luxury, with many instead opting to get the tube in these harsh times. Though there are still those that rely on these cars to get them from one place to another in much quicker fashion than public transport; be it bus, tube or train. To be honest, just getting down to the tube platform can take at least five minutes. Especially if you’ve ever walked from the Bakerloo line to Charing Cross main terminal. It’s the same station, yet takes a good ten minutes. That’s why the London taxis are still so in demand. We need to work twice as hard, and we can’t let standards slip. A cab is just easier.

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Jake Harold likes to document the wonderful and the fabulous of the great city. With a BA in Journalism, whose articles include a variety of topics like Tick Tock Taxi offers a new solution to booking cabs. He is a regular contributor to social blogs Visit us.


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