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Discovering the Wonders of Tremella Mushroom

by mackshepperson

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Many are not aware that some species of mushrooms contain medicinal value. While most western countries used them only for culinary purposes, many parts of Asia had already been using them to manage certain diseases for thousands of years. In fact, more than 2,000 studies on medicinal mushrooms have been conducted in the last ten years for the sole purpose of confirming their positive effects on human health.

Tremella fuciformis is one of the most popular medicinal mushrooms, particularly among women, because of its ability to help improve the complexion and overall appearance of the skin. According to ancient Chinese history, imperial Concubine Yang (Yang Guifei), who was considered one of the most beautiful women in China circa 719-756, used tremella for her facial and body maintenance. Research has shown that the mushroom is rich in dietary fibers and vitamin D, which enhance the proper moisturization of the skin.

The tremella mushroom is characterized by its white, jelly-like appearance. It is native to countries like Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and China. The Chinese have cultivated the mushroom since the 19th century, using it in sweet dishes like Luk Mei, paired with dried longans, jujubes and others. Sometimes, tremella fuciformis is also mixed in with drinks and ice cream because of its jelly-like form.

Tremella fuciformis is #sold under its genus name, Tremella. It can be purchased in supplement form (tablets and capsules). Basically, four tablets of tremella is the equivalent of 1 gram of dietary fiber to supplement your meals and meet your recommended daily allowance. Don't forget to read the product label or ask for the advice of a medical professional before taking mushroom supplements to determine proper dosage.

Sources for tremella supplements can be located using the Internet. However, be sure to get only the guaranteed potency supplements from reputable suppliers. Doing this will ensure that you get no less than the recommended dosage.

There are many mushroom species with medicinal benefits other than the tremella. Browse through the Web to discover them and their capabilities. Log online to discover more breakthrough research and insightful information about medicinal mushrooms or other related topics.

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