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Facts about the Agaricus Blazei Mushroom

by mackshepperson

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The Agaricus blazei, known in Brazil as ‘Cogumelo do Sol’ and in Japan as ‘Himematsutake’, is a mushroom that comes from a small village in Sao Paulo, Brazil called Piedade. The mushroom is now widely cultivated around the world for its medicinal uses. It is considered as one of the most important medicinal mushrooms available.

History of the Agaricus blazei

The mushroom was popularized by Dr. Takatoshi Furumoto in the 1960s. He first stumbled upon it when he sought to discover why the inhabitants of Piedade and its surrounding regions were healthier than the general population. He suspected that it was because of their abundant intake of this mushroom. He then sent a sample of the mushroom to Japan in 1965 to be studied. Clinical analysis have been generally positive, but experts are quick to admit that there’s still a lot more to learn about this mushroom which Brazilians have come to know as “The Mushroom of the Gods”.

Growing Agaricus blazei

The average temperature in Piedade (35-38ºC during the day and 20-25ºat night) is perfect for the Agaricus blazei mushroom to grow and flourish. In fact, this mushroom’s very survival relies heavily on these climatic conditions. Agaricus blazei has been found growing in Hawaii, California, Taiwan and the Philippines, places which experience similar climate conditions as the Sao Paolo village.

What Agaricus blazei looks like

The cap of the Agaricus blazei mushroom is initially hemispherical but flattens out later into a shallow convex as the mushroom develops. As young fungi, the cap surface is covered with silk-like fibers. In maturity, however, it develops small scales. Cap colors range from white to gray or reddish brown.

Agaricus blazei products

Hot water decoction is the most common method of preparing and using the Agaricus blazei mushroom, although it can also be ingested in the form of capsules. Agaricus blazei products are sold at various health supplement stores everywhere. They can also be easily ordered online.

Much has been said about the numerous health benefits that the Agaricus blazei mushroom provides. Some of these benefits, which have been illustrated or demonstrated on the web and other mass media for commercial purposes, have yet to be proven scientifically, though. Always check any information you read about Agaricus blazei for reliability.

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