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For an Engaging Scavenger Hunt,Don't Make Element Too Simple

by rosalindahone

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The praised reality show The Amazing Race is perhaps the leading scavenger hunt in the globe at present. In selected parts of the world, groups are needed to finish tasks or search for clues to let them complete one leg of the race. There's a lot you can learn from this show when you plan to arrange a smaller scavenger hunt.

Instead of providing a list of items to search for, you can do what the program mainly does: provide hints. The Amazing Race utilizes 5 types of clues, one of these is the Route Info where teams receive the name of their next stop but it's up to them to identify how to get there. The scavenger hunt for team building or simple fun could work along those lines. It does not need to be patterned right from the show itself; you can utilize the following ideas.

Rebus Puzzles

A rebus puzzle is a hint that uses pictures to represent parts of words (in some instances, they choose plus or minus signs as if a mathematical formula). For instance, when you want teams to look for a treasure you concealed under a tree, just show a tree or a tree and its fruit. A rebus puzzle has its own way of turning a scavenger hunt more tough.

Poetic Riddles

If you have a propensity for poetry, use it to produce rhyming riddles and leave the teams thinking for a while. Scavenger hunt riddles are not too uncommon and they're not about to get too old for any sort of scavenger hunt. But don't make them too flowery; otherwise, groups will not recognize what you may be talking about.

Mirror Clues

Mirror clues features a message composed in reverse and you have to show it to the mirror to discover what it says. There are free programs online that let you print messages in reverse such as You can choose this kind of clue for your scavenger hunt, but it would be better to make use of an assortment of scavenger hunt ideas. That way, groups will not suspect right away that your scavenger hunt is uniform in nature.

The website at has more fascinating scavenger hunt ideas you can utilize for your next scavenger hunt. You do not need to position these clues worldwide; just the range of a whole community will be good enough. Just keep in mind to set up the event carefully and steer clear of incorporating stuff or clues that can be too hazardous. With sufficient planning and organizing, your party will surely be wonderful. Go to the said website as it can aid in making the subject more lucid.

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