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Finding a Good HP dl360 g5 Server With No Hassle Today

by CindyHoag

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It can be difficult to find exactly the server for the job at hand. It is even worse to find one at a fair and affordable price point. This is true whether it is a rare hard to find item, or merely one nearing the end of its life that no one sells anymore. The HP dl360 g5 is a fine piece of equipment that may be difficult to find at other locations.

HP dl360 g5is a great machine worthy of the expense that will handle any basic task with great reliability. Although the hardware is older, it is still useful for many tasks as a server. In addition, the price per performance can be lower overall. These products have plenty of life and performance left to give, and a high powered server filled with the latest and greatest is a waste for most sever tasks. Not to mention the higher failure rates associated with cutting edge technology. The HP dl360 g5 server has been thoroughly tested in actual field work. There are no surprises with this hardware.

HP Proliant dl360 g5 Specs:

HP Proliant dl360 g5 specsare customizable depending on what additions are added to the server. The hardware is designed with plenty of room to expand capacity with affordable components. Some of the hardware may need to be purchased separately. Make certain to find out what else may be needed. This also allows for the use of relevant extra parts that were just lying around.

* The Processor:
There are 2 slots for dual and quad core Xeon processors 5100 - 5400 sequence.
1333 MHz front side bus.
* Memory:
8 slots of DDR2-667 memory, up to 64GB, 4:1 interleaving and memory mirroring.
* Internal Drives:
6 small form factor bays with hot plugging.
slimline bay for DVD, CD, or floppy.
* Network Controller:
A pair of NC373i Multifunction Gigabit adapters.
* Expansion Slots:
A Full Length/Height PCI Express slot, and a low profile PCI Express slot.
* USB ports:
2 in the rear, 1 in front, and 1 inside. All USB 2.0.
* Size:
Fits 1U Rack, 1.75 by 28(just under)inches.

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