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Finding Roof Leaks Early Can Prevent Serious Roof Damage

by brendangertner

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As years go by, you can’t help but feel some changes in your body—physical as well as in other areas of your life. Regular exercise, healthy diet and clean living may help delay the aging process, but there are no exemptions to it, that’s for sure. The same is true with your roofing.

Indeed, your body and the roof of your house have a lot of similarities notwithstanding the fact that one is a living organism while the other is an inanimate object. Both need care and attention to increase their lifespan. If you’re concerned about any signs of discomfort in your body, you must also have the same attitude with regard to visible manifestations of wear and tear on your roof like leaks.

In most places in Canada, such as Burnaby, British Columbia (BC), where the weather can be unpredictable, regular roof inspection may be a necessity. No matter how you maintain your roof, just like your body, it will age; with age comes health problem for humans and deterioration of roof parts for roofing. Roof leaks can be the most visible sign of weakness.

However, you can prevent more serious problems like expensive repair and replacement if you take steps to look for any signs of leaks. The first areas of your concern are flashings and sealants which are the usual trouble spots. Examine also the laps and seams in these locations. It is best to do these before you call BC roofing contractors to address any problem.

Another area to look for possible leaks is near roof edges or the perimeter. Roof leaks may occur in these areas because of the transition from flexible membrane flashings to inflexible sheet metal flashings. Sheet metal laps must shed water and their sealants must be intact to prevent leaks. Otherwise, you have to contact a Burnaby roofing contractor to fix the matter before it becomes worse.

Leaks and other roof problems can be avoided if you make regular inspections or ask professional contractors on roofing Burnaby residents prefer to do the task. For more information on the subject, you may visit the following website,

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